Displacement Activated Spore Hub Drive MkII (DASH MKII)

Created by Captain Jake Wilkinson on Tue Aug 28th, 2018 @ 8:35am

Often referred to as the Spore drive its allows instant travel across large distances.

The orginial technology was in use aboard the Uss Discovery and The Uss Glenn during the Klingon War in the 2250's.

A limitation of the technology was it required a biological naviagator to act as the navigation computer.

Due to risks involved the Technology was withdrawn from service and its existence was virtually expunged from Federation History.

With advancements in Bio Neural technology and from studying LtCommander Datas positronic brain Starfleet scientists were able to develop a new type of navigational computer which incorperating both techniologys provided the computational speed required to safely naviigate the network.

Unlike its predecessor the MKII drive does not require a large test champer in engineering or physical interaction with the spores in order to work.

Much like the orginal facilitys aboard the Uss Discovery a large cultivation bay is required to grow the Prototaxites stellaviatori or "Mushrooms".

The spores are harvested from the "Mushrooms" and stored in containers which in turn line the walls close to the drive hub.

Much like the original drive before it can be used a container is inserted in to the activation chamber. This charges the drive which is then activated from the helm and navigation console on the bridge.

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