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Joint Log Catching up with an Old friend

Posted on Fri Sep 7th, 2018 @ 10:32pm by Captain Jake Wilkinson

Mission: A Journey to the Stars
Location: Starbase Horizon - Command Offices
Timeline: Day 1

=/.\ Horizon Station - Command Offices =

Jake had finished his last interview and finally that was his Command crew complete. He rubbed his the bridge of his nose before stepping through the open door into the lobby outside of the office he had been loaned.

He started down the corridor towards the promenade to get a drink when he heard a familiar
voice call him.

Turning around a broad smile grew on his face as he spotted his old Academy room mate and fellow trouble maker.

"En, you old dog" He beamed "What the devil you doing here" in reality he knew full well that his old friend was taking command of the Bismarck and he also knew the Bismarck would be escorting them to the Testing ground. He also knew that Enfield had been cleared to be briefed on the experiment although officially that briefing wasn't due to go ahead until tomorrow.

“I hear our shakedown cruise is to be your bodyguard!” Carta caught up with his old friend, embracing him a grappled hug. “How are you keeping, old friend? Fancy a pint?” He re-enacted the motion of drinking from a glass with a smile on his face.

Jake laughed “Do you even have to ask” He replied turning back towards the promenade as they started walking.
“So I heard about Danielle, I am sorry I wasn’t there” Jake remembered getting word while on his first Command the Uss Monitor deep within the vega sector.

“Ack, Yeah. That was a toughie. Took us all a while to get back at it.” He was referring to his 3 daughters. “The Pluto Bar is about 10 decks down. Let’s head there.” He motioned for them to head further down the corridor. He pointed at the fresh pips on his friends collar. “Another, promotion. Congratulations on the new command.”

Jake nodded “Well it’s not really a promotion more of an upgrade” He laughed “The Endurance is quite a step up from an aging Intrepid, I’m itching to get out there and get back to what we signed up for exploring the unknown” He paused for a moment “Glad to know your going to be out there with me”

“Man, I had to do so much grovelling with the brass to get the Bismarck back. The whole idea of proving the space frame was still fit for purpose, grewling. But, hey ho! We’re about ready to go.” his pressed the button to call the turbolift to their location.

As the doors slid open, with that trademark whoosh they stepped in side. Immediately Carta gave an instruction to the computer, “Pluto Bar.” As the lift began to move off towards their destination, he leaned back against the bulkhead. “Hard to believe, we went from the Academy all those years ago, to 10 years of service together commanding the Lincoln together, and now here we are again”.

The lift halted, and the doors slide open again, not twenty feet from them was the glass door’s of Starbase Horizon ‘Pluto Bar’.

Jake nodded as they stepped off the lift and walked towards the glass door which slid open silently as they approached “The good old Lincoln now there’s a ship that just never seemed to give up” He laughed “I wonder if the old girl is still in service” He stated having not really thought about it before “I bet she is the stubborn old girl”

The Lincoln was an old Miranda Class cruiser, and Enfield’s first command. Jake had been his first and only choice for Executive Officer. ‘Last time I heard, she had been relegated to cargo runs between Deep Space Nine and the Gamma Quadrant. Bit of a waste if you ask me.”

Together they took a pew and where joined shortly by a holographic waiter, which looked suspiciously like a repurposed mark 1 emergency medical hologram.

Jake shifted getting comfortable in the chair he looked up at the holographic waiter “I’ll have a pint of Heineken” He looked over at Enfield who nodded “Make that 2” He said to the waiter before turning back to his old friend

“She was a good ship and yeah it’s a total waste religating her to cargo runs” He shrugged “So come on then how did you do it?” Jake looked at his friend a serious look on his face “How did you convince Command to bring the old girl out of mothballs?”

“Helps when you have some pull with the brass,” he was thinking of his father in law, Admiral Abraham Vice, “no, in all seriousness, we pitched that these space frames didn't need to be ditched.”

Jake nodded and took the pint when the Holowaiter returned and took a long deep gulp from the glass savoring the taste. “God I needed that, I’d forgotten just how much work goes into preparing to ship out”

Carta mimicked his friends actions, the bubbles of the cold liquid certainly refreshed the nerve endings in his mouth. He let out a lot satisfied sigh. “Oh, that’s the good stuff alright. How’s preparation for the Endurance launch going?.”

“Well I have a Crew ready now i’m justing waiting for the engineers to stop playing around with the new drive system so we can get aboard and start the final prep work” He placed the glass down and looked at his friend “Other then that it is all good”

“Good. Good, the final members of my senior staff should be arriving in the next few days, and then we are all set to escort you out into the testing grounds. I’m sort of surprised that Command, decide to take you outside of Federation territory.” Enfield finished his pint with a bit of a slurp, and made a sign to signal another waiter.

Jake smiled and finished his drink as well motioning for another before turning to his friend “I was surprised as well to be honest. I expected to be assigned another core worlds tour like before” He nodded to the waiter as the drinks arrived and picked it up his glass “To the journey” He said holding up the glass.

“To the journey, my friend. To the journey”.


Captain Jake Wilkinson
CO, USS Endurance


Capt. Enfield Carta
CO, USS Bismarck k


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