An unexpected discovery

Posted on Sun Jun 16th, 2019 @ 9:14am by Captain Jake Wilkinson & Lieutenant Commander Richelle Soranson

Mission: A Journey to the Stars
Location: Ready Room
Timeline: Day 9

Jake leaned back in his chair rubbing his eyes, he was exhausted all this time working he really needed to rest.

He absently scrolled through the data that had so far been recovered from the alien data crystals. Most of it was starcharts which would be added to the ships navigational data and should prove useful in the coming weeks and months as they tracked down sources of supply's.

He sat up suddenly when something familiar appeared on the screen, a schematic of the alien vessels weapons array. Something about it looked strangely federation in design. "What the fuck" He muttered under his breath.

He reached for his comm badge and tapped it "Wilkinson to Soranson would you report to my ready room on the double" He stated as he access the starfleet technological database and begun scrolling through schematics of federation weapons arrays

Richelle dropped the cup of ractijino she had and the plate of eggs and baccon, "Fek'lar!", she shouted, as she hit the comm+adge, "Understood sir. Be there in a minute

"Come in" He said when the door chimed, Jake looked up as the Chief Engineer entered. "Commander have a seat" He turned his desk computer to face her "Tell me what you see?" The screen showed a side by side comparison of the alien weapons array and an excelsior class weapons array.

Walking to the captain's desk, Richelle looked. "I'll be damned! They are almost identical with small differences. Where did this come from? Wait.......this is what was on the data crystal?", she asked, looking at the Captain.

Jake nodded "The question I asked myself is why does an alien race have 35000 light years from federation space have a starfleet weapons array?" He paused for a moment turning the screen back to himself and tapping the panel before turning it back towards her "Then I found this" On the screen were images taken from orbit and on the ground showing a crash site of an Excelsior class starship "It looks like we are not the first federation ship to find ourselves out this far"

"Oh My God! The first thing we need to dois check out the wreckage. I need to know what her registry was so I can find out how she got out here. Then we can go from there....", Richelle said.

"I want more information from those crystals" He replied "Somewhere in that data there has to be a location pull what ever resource you need from what ever departments you need to, this is your top priority the spore drive can wait, right now there could be starfleet survivors or their descendants somewhere out there and I want to find them"

"Agreed Captain!", Richelle said.

Jake nodded "Very well Commander, is there anyone you need right away?" He asked.

"Yes. I need my assistant engineer Lt. Paul Saunders and I need the Chief Hazzard officer as well. Paul is a great computer whiz and the Chief Hazzard officer is just incase the crystal is harboring a unknown hazzard with in. Not that I am expecting it but better safe than sorry", Richelle said, looking at the captain.

"Agreed" Jake nodded "Very well Dismissed Commander"

Captain Jake Wilkinson
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Lt Commander Richelle Soranson
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