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Unleashing the Frustration

Posted on Sat Jun 1st, 2019 @ 5:42pm by Lieutenant Nicolette De St Chevalier & Captain Jake Wilkinson

Mission: A Journey to the Stars
Location: Security Training Area

Having stopped at her quarters just long enough to change into something more appropriate, Nikki walked into the security training area, casting a quick glance around. There were three other officers in there training, or at least that's what the pretense was. One of them was running on the treadmill while the other two stood in the middle of the room, one leaning against a weights machine, chatting animatedly to the other.

"You're all dismissed," Nikki ordered, the tone of her voice making it quite clear that this was not a request but rather a direct order.

She wanted to be alone.

With assorted 'Yes Ma'am's' the three of them left the room quickly, leaving Nikki to her own thoughts as she walked across to the treadmill, turning it on. She didn't bother warming up, ramping the machine straight up to a punishing speed as she stared straight ahead, not actually seeing anything, her eyes fixed on the blank bulkhead at the other end of the room, the only sounds heard being the gentle hum of the treadmill and the sound of her footfalls on the revolving tread.

She had been running for about ten minutes when she reached out and stopped the treadmill. It wasn't doing it, it wasn't helping her to relieve the tension she felt.

Stepping off, Nikki walked across to one of the punching bags, holding it for a few moments before taking a step back. She took a deep breath, pulling her hands up in front of her before unleashing a lintany of punches and kicks aimed at the artificial leather bag hanging in front of her, the silence in the training area now only broken by the steady thumping sounds.

Jake stood in the door way to the training room watching Nikki as she let loose her frustration on the leather bag. His gaze wondered slightly before the professional side kicked in "Lieutenant" he called out still standing in the door way

She ignored him for a few more moments, continuing her assault on the bag before she stopped, holding it again to stop it swinging as she caught her breath. Sweat was beading across every inch of her exposed skin as she leaned her forehead against the bag for a long moment before she stood up, brushing her hair back from her sweaty face, wiping her hands on the fabric at her hips as she took a step back, straightening her back. "Yes Captain?" she asked quietly.

He looked at her a smiled for moment before a flash of concern appeared on his face "Are you alright" He asked his voice echoing the concern he felt.

"I'm fine," she said, returning her attention to the bag again, the ball of her bare foot impacting with the leather over and over as she launched a new attack on the inanimate object.

He nodded slightly and stepped forward moving to the other side of the bag to steady it for her "You know" He started adjusting his stance to stead the bag as she hit it again pushing him back slightly "You could try and sound a little more convincing so why don't we cut bull shit and you tell me whats going on?" He looked her square in the eyes.

Now that she had him holding the bag and the risk of actually doing harm to herself was lowered, Nikki dropped her foot to the floor, her fist connecting with the bag instead. "Why... Would..." each word was spoken between stinging punches being thrown at the bag. "Anything... Be... Wrong."

She paused, taking a step back, leaning forward, her hands against her knees as she caught her breath before stopping to check her knuckles. "I didn't strap my hands," she said quietly, shaking her right hand before rubbing the knuckles carefully. "Damn it..."

He let go of the bag and move round to look at her hand "Lets have a look" He said taking her hand gently "And to answer your question, you give me an example of whats not wrong right now, we are lost in deep space, we just lost a lot of crew mates and quite frankly the god damn spore drive a piece federation technology they managed to get working over a 100 years ago without an issue has us stuck here with no way of getting home so if your trying to tell me nothing about this situation is bothering you I'll be signing the orders referring you to a god damn shrink right now." He took a breath realizing that rather then establishing what had her so frustrated he had just released all the built up anger he was feeling, Jake took a step back and turned away for a moment before looking back "Sorry" He said quietly knowing that was not quite the outburst one would expect from a Captain.

"My hands are fine, it's just some bruising, I've got plenty worse elsewhere," she said with a shrug. "I don't need a shrink. I need to beat the crap out of something until I feel better. Then I can smile and keep pretending that everything is fine."

Jake nodded understanding where she was coming from "I get that" He admitted "Not that I can officially admit it"

Nikki shrugged slightly. "There's no counselor on board and Ensign Eska already me relieved of duty so what else have I got to lose?"

Jake leaned back for a moment "Technically I can't override medical however as Ensign Eska hasn't formally submitted anything on the record and believe me I did check I need you on duty, I'm taking us out of the nebular and putting us on course for the closest habitable planet" He looked serious "I have no idea how long we are going to be out here and the simple fact is our supplies along with the energy reserves we lost during the attack mean we need to restock on anything we can find where ever we can find it, I'll need you on point for this"

"Have I been anything less than on point so far?" Nikki countered, raising one eye brow slightly. "Despite everything I've remained one hundred percent on point for this ship, this crew, and you."

He nodded slow "Oh and one more thing We lost our Second Officer during the jump I need someone who knows what they are doing" He pulled a small box from his pocket and tossed it to her "Congratulations Lieutenant Commander, Just be aware the hard work starts now"

Nikki's eyes widened slightly as she opened the box and looked at the pip. Slowly, she closed the box, raising her gaze to meet his. "I'll ignore the fact that you basically just implied that what I've done since being on this ship is easy," she said quietly, her eyes meeting his. "But only if you tell me exactly where I'm supposed to pin this right now?"

He grinned slightly "Well I will let you figure that out later" He said adjusting his tunic " For now get some rest I'll be calling a staff meeting as 0600"

Watching as he walked away, Nikki turned her attention momentarily to the box, opening it again before shaking her head and closing it, holding it tightly in her hand as she headed toward the door.


Captain Jake Wilkinson
Commanding Officer
Uss Endurance

Lieutenant Commander Nicolette De St Chevalier
Chief Security/Tactical Officer
USS Endurance


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