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Storm Damage

Posted on Sat Jun 1st, 2019 @ 5:42pm by Lieutenant Nicolette De St Chevalier & Captain Jake Wilkinson & Commander Crystal Verrill & Lieutenant Commander Richelle Soranson & Lieutenant Hetara & Lieutenant JG Graham Soccul PhD & Ensign Eska MD

Mission: A Journey to the Stars
Location: USS Endurance, MedBay

Shimmers of transporter effect lit the open section of medbay designated for emergency receiving.

"Chastity!" Hetara cursed, clutching her injured arm as the abrupt return of gravity sent a jolt of pain all the way up her shoulder. but she shook her head sharply at the nurse who immediately headed toward her.

"No," the CMO jerked her chin toward where Eska and Graham crouched over two crew crumpled on the deck. "They need the help. I'll be..." she gritted her teeth and forced herself to her feet.


For an instant her vision swam. Then there was darkness. The doctor fell to the deck like puppet whose strings had been cut.

Almost as soon as the away team had materialized in sickbay there was a sudden flurry of activity, medical staff swarming around them. Brushing away the hands that were trying to assess her, Nikki took a few steps back. "Check the others first."

Glancing around at the sudden chaos that had erupted, Nikki's gaze fell on Hetara just in time to see the other woman crumble to the deck. She closed the distance between them, crouching down next to the CMO as one of the nurses crouched on the other side. "Help me get her up onto one of the beds," Nikki said quietly, ignoring her own aches and pains as she assisted moving Hetara.

"Ensign Eska," Nikki called, glancing around sickbay looking for the younger medical officer. "Can you assess Lieutenant Hetara?" she asked as she moved away from the bio bed, looking for somewhere quiet and out of the way.

Paul was still clutching the data node as his body materialized prone on the deck. Dazed and semi conscious, all his pain ridden mind kept telling him was to get that node to his boss. "Ooooohhhhhh", was the last thing he said before he passed out.

Eska rushed over to overlook her boss. She looked at Nikki. "Hurt, sit." She said looking at the tricorder in her hands.

Jake walked through the main doors to sickbay to witness Paul prone on the deck, He move to the young man side and lifted him up moving to one of the unused bio beds before laying the young man down, He motioned a medical officer over "Status of the away team" He asked looking around

"The entire away team came back Captain," Nikki said quietly. While she had taken several steps away from Hetara's bio bed, she hadn't sat as ordered. In fact, quite the opposite, she was eyeing off her proximity to the door, contemplating the quickest way to get out of there. Sickbay still gave her the heebie jeebies and today even more so than most.

Crystal looked around the room. Most of the away team were incapacitated for one reason or another. She and Nikki were lucky ones by the looks of things. “Captain. We believe the ship was affected by some kind of contagion that killed the crew. We don’t believe it to be infectious to humans. We also have a data crystal which I would suggest gets taken to Engineering immediately.” She said nodding at the crystal still held by Paul.

Eska looked at Nikki as she was looking toward the main doors. "Lieutenant if you don't sit down for a after mission check up, I will pull you off duty." She said slowly and very crossed.

Graham had been quiet, he rubbed his head and groaned as he woke from his daze. He looked around to see unconscious starfleet personnel. He thought for a moment before voicing, loudly but firmly, "Eska, I want you treating Hetara! I want the reason she's unconscious and a full list of report to me in 10 minutes." he ordered "Nikki, how do you feel? Good enough to help me get this lass to a bio-bed?" he asked, pointing to Charlie whom remained on the floor.

Eska only grunted at Graham's statement. She turn her attention back to Hetara and continued her scans.

Richelle was the next to come barreling through the doors of sick bay. "Where is my engineer?", she bellowed softly.

Nodding at Graham, Nikki moved in to help him get Charlie from the floor and into a bio bed. "My injuries are minor compared to these, I'll schedule a follow up appointment later," she said as she stepped away to give him space to work. Picking up the data crystal that Charlie had been holding, Nikki walked across the room, handing it off to Richelle before warning "Keep it down, this is sickbay, not engineering."

"My apologies doctor, is he going to be alright?", Richelle asked taking the data crystal from Nikki.

Turning on her heel, Nikki glanced around the room once more, her gaze falling on Jake before she turned toward Crystal. "I'll be in security," she said quietly before walking out of sickbay and escaping into the quiet solitude of the corridors outside.

Eska watched as Nikki left sickbay. She grunted as she returned to her scans. She still wasn't finding anything wrong, but bumps and bruises.

Jake listened to everyone keeping his thoughts to himself for a moment. He caught the look from Nicki as she left "Doctor I want a full report on the away team as soon as possible" he spoke up before looking at Richelle "Commander I suggest you report the engineering with the data crystals I want as much information about this region as possible pull whatever resources you need to"

When Richelle hesitated to leave, Crystal walked over. "I would suggest you go and get those scans started Lieutenant Commander. Now." She said, with a definite acidity to her tone. Crystal was not one to usually get annoyed, but when people didn't do as they were told it pushed all the wrong buttons.

Without saying a word Richelle took the crystals and left sickbay headed for engineering. She would found out about Paul later.

Crystal walked over to the Doctor in charge. "Dr Soccul, please update me on the condition of the team when you know more." She said, placing a reassuring hand on the mans back. She looked across at the Captain. "Shall we get out of everyones way, perhaps, Captain.

Graham looked to Crystal as she placed her hand on his back, acknowledging her. "Will do, can't tell you when that will be though" as he became more orientated. He started to skim over eachs patients notes to gain a general overview of the patients before him. He thought to himself, that even with all their technology it was hard to make sense of what was happening.



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