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Riding out the Storm

Posted on Mon May 13th, 2019 @ 9:10pm by Lieutenant Nicolette De St Chevalier & Commander Crystal Verrill & Lieutenant Commander Richelle Soranson & Lieutenant Hetara & Ensign Eska MD
Edited on on Tue May 14th, 2019 @ 6:22pm

Mission: A Journey to the Stars
Location: Alien Vessel

By the time the away team had arrived back at the rendezvous point the ship was already rolling under their feet, making every step unsteady.

Glancing around, Nikki did a quick headcount to make sure everyone had arrived back safely.

"We need to find somewhere safe away from the outer bulkheads," Nikki ordered calmly. "I think things are about to get a bit bumpy."

Eska seemed to get jumpy at Nikki's tone. She shifted her weight into a more defensive stance and slipped her hand under her duty jacket and started to look around, waiting for the attack.

Paul offered a place, "Um....I think we would do well to return to the outer rim of the engineering section. I found a room away from the bulkheads. It checked out on my tricorder as being reinforced titanium diritanium walls. I think we should be ok there for now", Paul said looking at Charlie.

"I'd recommend the medbay of we knew where it was," Hetara said. "It's usually one of the more protected areas of a ship."

"Doctor, it might be wiser to stay together rather than be separated. While sick bay offers good protection, if the ion storm does damage the ship, we may not be able to get to sick bay or for that matter you to us", Paul suggested.

"Tunnels diff." Eska said quickly. "Heart of skyship safe." She said still looking around for an attack.

"Deeper into the center of the ship? It does sound good but are we sure it would be safer?", Paul asked looking at the frightened doctor.

"I agree with Ensign Eska," Nikki said quietly. "We're heading into the middle of the ship. The further away from the outer bulkheads the better we will be."

As they were walking, they could already feel the ship starting to rock and lurch beneath their feet.

"I think it's an ion storm," Nikki offered as way of explanation. "But what ever it is, it's huge and it looks angry. I am going to hazard a guess and say that the Endurance has been forced to leave the nebula to avoid the storm which is why we couldn't transport back, so now we just have to wait it out until they can get back to us."

After checking the first dozen or so doors, they finally came to a small chamber type room somewhere in the middle of the ship. Walking in, she looked around. It was small, small enough that if the ship was buffered too badly they shouldn't be too shaken up, hopefully. Turning back to face Paul, Nikki nodded slightly. "This will do. Close the doors manually. I suggest everyone makes themselves comfortable, it could be a long night."

Crystal checked the room thoroughly to make sure it was definitely empty. “Looks empty. We’ll have one person keep a watch, just in case. Everyone else try and get some rest, we don’t know how long we’re gonna be here for.” She said, sitting in one corner, watching everyone else.

Hetara nodded and settled against a wall before setting her medical tricorder to monitor air quality. The ship was already damaged, so she wanted to know if life support failed from any further battering from the storm. If that happened they'd have to try to find the medbay or someplace else likely to have oxygen supplies.

Eska looked around the assembled group. Then she sat down next to Hetara. She pulled out a piece of dried meat. "ood?" She said offering some to her boss.

"Thank you, but no." Hetara shook her head. If they were about to be tossed around the last thing she wanted was food.

Paul found a spot and sat bracing his knees to his chest. It was not the first ion storm for him, more like the hundredth one. He just wondered what the class was and if the already weakened ship could handle the stresses. Paul was never good at idle conversation in any case so he just sat quietly studying his tricorder readings.

Charlie sat down next to Paul, pulling out the Data brick she had retrieved, turning it over in her hands before offering it to him. "It doesn't look like it's been burned out, so hopefully it will work. Maybe it's a backup so it wasn't actively in use when everything fried, what do you think?"

Taking the data node and looking at it from an engineers perspective, "Yeah it does have the appearance of neing a backup of sorts. Maybe it was not connected to he systems when everything else got fried", he said turning it over a few more times. "Wait a minute, see here", Paul pointed to what coukd be described as an electronic lock or seal, "It looks like it was sealed before the mishap. It could very well be an information storage node. We heed to get it back to the Endurance so the boss can get into it", Paul said as a small grin crossed his otherwise placid ace.

Nikki made sure everyone else was sitting down she walked back across the small room, sinking down onto the floor on the opposite side of the door to Crystal, pulling out her tricorder and opening it up, going back to the small amount of data she had started retrieving on the ion storm and handed the tricorder across to Crystal. "What do you make of this?" she asked softly.

Crystal looked at the data on the tricorder that was presented to her. “Doesn’t look like any normal Ion Storm I’ve ever seen...looks a lot more violent than a normal one.” She stated, pointing at the data.

The alien ship could be felt rocking beneath them, almost like they were swaying on rough ocean with the occasional jolt that rattled them a little more then out of the blue the ship rocked violently.

"Everyone okay?" Nikki asked, looking around the small group.

Eska just watched the ceiling, as she was waiting for it to collapse on them. "Tunnels lapse."

Nikki shook her head quickly. "No, nothing will collapse around us," she said reassuringly. "These walls are strong, they'll keep everything in place, well, except us. We might get tossed around a bit."

The ship lurched and rocked around them again, sending them all sliding across the deck and scrambling for something to grab hold of.

"Oh shit the data node", Paul said as he went sprawling across the floor after it just grabing it before he and it hit the wall, "Ohhhhh that's gonna leave a mark".

Eska went sliding, but she shift before she hit wall and was able to stop herself. "Ike Arth move, tunnels lapse." She tilted her head slightly. She grunted and she moved away from the others.

"Maybe the chief can get the info out so we know what is is about", Paul said looking at Charlie.

"Just hang on," Hetara said as calmly as possible while bracing her back against the wall, legs splayed along the floor for stability. "As long as this bucket holds together, we'll be fine. And if it doesn't, well, we won't have much time to worry about it."


The number of hours that had passed since the away team had been left in the ion storm was unknown. With the away team themselves unaware of the time, it may have been two hours or it may have been ten hours, who knew?

All any of them knew was that there was time that had passed. Lots of time. Time that consisted largely of being rocketed from side to side and tossed about the small room they were seeking refuge in, each member of the small team with their own steadily growing collection of bumps and bruises.


"Ensign Furlington to Away Team, prepare for immediate transport."

The voice of the Operations Officer from the Endurance sounded like a chorus of angels and Nikki was sure she wasn't the only one that could have wept with joy at the sound.

"Endurance, transport us directly to sickbay, we have casualties." Lieutenant Hetara ordered over the comm.


Barely seconds had passed before the familiar sensation of the transporter came and they rematerialised within the sickbay of the Endurance, Lieutenant Hetara and Ensign Eska immediately going to work with the injured while Lieutenant Soccul moved away to make sure the alien bodies had been transported to the ship with them.


Commander Crystal Verrill
Executive Officer
USS Endurance

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USS Endurance

Lt. Paul Saunders (NPC-Lynda)
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USS Endurance

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Medical Officer
USS Endurance

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Medical Officer
USS Endurance

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USS Endurance


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