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The storm before the calm

Posted on Mon May 13th, 2019 @ 11:24pm by Lieutenant Nicolette De St Chevalier & Captain Jake Wilkinson & Lieutenant Commander Richelle Soranson

Mission: A Journey to the Stars
Location: Endurance Bridge

Coby sat at the helm, her fingers splayed across the flight control console as she adjusted the balance of the ship yet again, maintaining the holding pattern while they waited for the away team to return from the alien vessel.

The bridge almost felt peaceful, there was intermittent moments of light chatter between the officers on duty, occasionally even the Captain chimed in.

The chatter was sporadically broken by reports and updates from Engineering and Operations as more systems were restored properly.

"Captain!" the voice from the operations console behind them rang out over the light chatter. "We have a class five ion storm approaching rapidly."

The sedate shimmering of the nebula around them on the view screen was replaced by the angry swirling of the ion storm headed toward them.

"Recall the away team," Jake stood from his chair turning to face operations

Opening a communication channel with the away team, the Operations Officer spoke calmly. "Ensign Furlington to Away Team, Captain Wilkinson has ordered the away team return to the ship immediately. Please stand by for immediate transport."

There was a moment of static as the communication before there was a response.

"St....ggggg......yyy...." g

Pushing the button to open the communication again, Ensign Furlington frowned. "Away team, please repeat."

This time there was not even a click, just static and distortion across the channel.

"Can we get a transporter lock?" Jake started walking towards the operations console

"Captain, there is too much distortion and interference from the storm. We can't get a solid transporter lock. If we try transporting them now, we risk losing them. Sir, I recommend we get out of the nebula and wait for the storm to pass and then come back for the away team. At the rate the storm is travelling at I estimate it should pass in four or five hours" Ensign Furlington suggested.

Jake paused for a moment considering the options "Can we tractor them out with us?" He asked knowing it was unlikely

Levi Furlington ran some numbers on the console quickly. "The time it would take us to get both vessels clear of the nebula we'd be caught well and truly in the storm. The away team should be safe on the ship. I'm not convinced our own systems are restored enough to weather a storm like this."

Jake pondered her response and looked toward the view screen the swirling mass of the Ion storm was getting closer "Very Well" He turned to helm "Helm take us out best possible speed" He turned back towards his chair "Take us to yellow alert and raise shields once we exit the nebula let not taking any chances in case we run into any more welcome party's."

With a nod, Coby's fingers flew across the control in front of her. "Laying in a course away from the ion storm and away from the nebula," she said easily. "Estimated five minutes until we clear the nebula."

As the ship cleared the nebula Levi activated the yellow alert. Almost as soon as the yellow lights started strobing through the ship a definitive air of unease settled over the bridge, and no doubt the rest of the ship. "Shields are up and the ship is at yellow alert," the operations officer said calmly. "Captain, I would recommend launching a probe into the nebula to see if we can record any more telemetry on the ion storm."

With yellow alert being sounded, Richelle pulled her head from working on the spore drive, which was still giving her a hard time, tapping her combadge, "Ok what's going on captain? Why are we at yellow alert?", she asked. There was a certain sense of dispair she could feel. Something was not right......

"Commander Soranson, we have been forced to leave the nebula due to an ion storm, the ship is at yellow alert and the shields have been raised as a precaution," Levi replied via comms. "The storm is expected to pass within a few hours, we can return to the nebula after that to retrieve the away team."

"I got one of my people over there. What class is the ion storm?", Richelle replied to the bridge as she pulled herself off the floor and headed for the console for the sensors. Pulling up the information, shook her head. 'Damn it! This is not good', she muttered. Now studying the information gathered by the sensor grid wondered just where this ion storm popped up. All she could do now was pray the Cresent ship held together.

Jake understood her concern "Commander I'm well aware we have people over there it is foremost on my mind. However we have a class 5 ion storm and we are still recovering from the damage we have already endured I won't risk the safety of this ship or the rest of crew" He replied not giving Levi a chance to respond "So unless you have some good news for me they are going to have to take their chances on that ship and prey to god it holds together long enough for us to retrieve them"

"Captain, that is exactly all we can do now unless by a miracle the storm begins to dissipate then I think I can grab them with the transporters", Richelle said.


Finally it seemed that the ion storm had dissipated enough that they could return to the nebula to retrieve the away team.

"There's still residual interference, but I can get a solid transporter lock on them Captain," Levi said, unable to hide the hint of relief in his voice as he opened a communications channel with the away team. "Ensign Furlington to Away Team, prepare for immediate transport."

There was a moment of static before they received a response. "Endurance, transport us directly to sickbay, we have casualties." Lieutenant Hetara ordered over the comm.

"Understood." Levi replied, his hands moving easily over the console in front of him. "Initiating transport."

A few moments passed before he nodded slightly. "Captain, the away team is back on the ship. Shields are back up. I see no immediate other threat in the area so we should be good to hold up here for a while and continue repairs."

Jake nodded "Very well maintain position here passive sensors only I don;t want to attract any unwanted attention" He started towards the turbolift "You have the bridge I will be in medical"


Captain Jake Wilkinson
Commanding Officer
Uss Endurance


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