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Over and Away - Something Else Entirely

Posted on Tue Apr 30th, 2019 @ 10:48pm by Lieutenant Nicolette De St Chevalier & Lieutenant JG Graham Soccul PhD

Mission: A Journey to the Stars
Location: Alien Vessel

As soon as the other two teams had split away, Nikki turned to Graham. "Alright Lieutenant, let's go," she said quietly. "Keep your tricorder open, we want to record everything we can. Keep your eyes open and I would suggest, at least for now, don't touch anything until we know what we're dealing with."

Graham nodded, he removed his tricorder from his belt and accompanied Nikki. "Nothing I like more than being on a strange ship, with a strange atmosphere and being told not to touch anything... Trust me, I don't need telling twice" he scuffed with a smile, indicating his obvious discomfort at being on the ship.

"I suggest you get used to it," Nikki replied quietly as they moved through the ship. "We're heading up to the bridge first, I want to look at something. From there, well, we'll see where things take us. How do you feel about wild goose chases?" Nikki asked with a sudden grin.

"Only if it has some Benny Hill background music on it!" He smirked back... "To the bridge we go!" Graham followed the lead of Nikki.

"For someone who was half asleep a few minutes ago you're surprisingly awake," Nikki shot back as they walked. Flipping her own tricorder open, she was using it to try and work out the most direct path to what ever it was that served as bridge on this vessel. "With the power out we might need to crawl through some access tubes, hope you're not worried about confined spaces."

"I wake up quickly, and something about the thought of being shot with a phaser on stun in my quote pretty ass end quote, doesn't float my boat..." he chuckled "And small spaces? Shouldn't be too much of an issue... Now let us stop chattering and get moving otherwise who knows, we might have a ghost hear us..." Graham mocked easing the tension as he made ghost-like noises.

"If you're going to quote me, at least quote me correctly Lieutenant," Nikki replied with a grin. "I never said your ass was pretty." She stopped for a moment, consulting her tricorder. "Okay, if we go into this access hatch and up, that should take us toward what ever they have that represents the bridge here, or at least, I think so."

She gave a slight shrug as she pulled open the access hatch. "The problem with not having a deck plan when you're on an alien vessel is it's all going to be a bit of best guess. Just, keep an eye out for bodies once we get out of the access hatch. Last time I thought I'd laid one out he kicked back hard."

With a shake of her head, Nikki climbed into the access hatch and looking at the ladder of sorts that went straight up. With a sigh she gripped the tricorder firmly in one hand as she started climbing up. "And keep your eyes downward, I don't want you checking out my pretty ass," she quipped.

“Bridge, access hatch, bodies, eyes downward” Graham repeated the instructions. “Gotcha!”. Graham walked towards the access hatch, took a momentarily glimps up the hatch and began to climb. “What exactly are we expecting to find, anyway?” Graham asked curiously as he kept his focus on the ladders before him.

"I'm not entirely sure," Nikki replied as she kept climbing. "I think we're going to start at the bridge, just have a poke around and see what we can find out. The others are focusing on engineering and the medical side of it, I want to see what else we can find out." She paused momentarily, realising that they were approaching the top of this access tube. "I think we're nearly there, it shouldn't be much further."

“Said the woman holding the carrot above the donkey” Graham remarked, slight chuckling... “I’m not used to this amount of climbing, us medical folk tend not to do too much of it” he chuckled more. “This should be interesting to see, and hopefully not too eventful” he replied as they neared the end of the access hatch.

"This ship is tiny, try getting through a Sovereign class without using a turbolift," Nikki replied as she stopped, hooking one arm around the side of the ladder and using her tricorder, scanning through the bulkhead next to her. "I don't see anything resembling signs of life, do you agree?" she asked. "I'd prefer a second opinion before I open the hatch and climb on out. I think if I go back to sickbay with another injury that Eska is gonna have me relieved of duty."

Graham linked his arm around the ladder as he withdrew his tri corder. He carefully scanned around him, identifying zero life forms. “Confirmed, no life signs detected” he said, “still, take caution. We don’t know what may be up here, and wouldn’t want you to be relieved of duty...” he chuckled.

Graham slid his tricorder back into its securing pouch as he took firm grip of the ladder again, awaiting instruction to carry on climbing.

Holstering both her phaser and her tricorder, Nikki kept her elbow hooked around the side of the ladder as she leaned forward precariously, reaching for the emergency release. It took a few attempts before she was finally able to grip it with sufficient strength to pull the lever, pushing the hatch outward.

"Stay here until I tell you it's safe to come out," she cautioned before climbing through the hatch, phaser drawn again.

"I mean, you're practically telling me to do one of my specialities.... Sit and do nothing... Or rather, stand.." he chuckled "No worries, I'll wait for your signal" Graham acknowledged, seriously.

As she emerged from the hatch a sharp intake of breath could be heard followed by a long moment of silence before Nikki spoke again. "You can come out Lieutenant... I.. I think they're all dead," she said quietly.

"Think, or know? Wouldn't want us in Sick bay..." he chuckled. He climbed up the stairs peeping up like something from a wack-a-mole toy, quickly ascending from the exit hatch and getting upon his feet on the bridge.

The scene on the bridge could only be described as eerie. Alien bodies all where they would have been on duty. Sitting in seats, standing at consoles, only instead of being upright they were slumped forward, glassy eyes opened, hands still on consoles.

"What in the name of holy hell..." Nikki murmured softly, a shiver running down her spine before she turned to look at Graham. "Have you ever seen anything like this before?"

Graham, obviously shocked and taking in the surrounding environment. He stuttered "Uh... nothing, ever..." he walked to one of the aliens at their station and began scanning them with his tricorder, "What could of done such a thing" he continued with an obvious quake in his voice.

"You're the doctor," Nikki replied quietly, moving around the bridge. "They're all exactly the same. There are no signs of trauma..." Reaching out, she grabbed one of the aliens slumped forward in the command seat by the collar, pulling its upper body back against the backrest of the seat. "They're all just dead. Could it be an airborne toxin or something else that might affect this away team?"

Graham paused as he took in the sight before him, a motionless alien that appeared lifeless. "I'm just scanning them now, to see what's going on with them, I'll let you know as soon as I have anything to report..." as he tried to get in-depth scans of the alien species in front of him

"Lieutenant, what do you make of this?" Nikki asked, leaning toward the alien in the centre chair, examining a small implant that appeared to be attached to its temple.

Graham moved his tricorder closer to the implant that was implanted in the alien specimen, "I'm getting some sort of neural interface, nothing too advanced. I'm unsure without further investigation" Graham replied, "As to your other question, I've not detected anything as of yet that could be harmful to anyone on this ship.

"Tag that body to have it transported back to the Endurance," Nikki said quietly. "I want to know what those implants are."

"Whatever did this, it happened suddenly. Their blood is collected at their lowest-most point, which indicates they've been in these positions a while..." Graham continued "I can't find anything that would cause this. Their anatomy isn't greatly complex and from what I can tell their organs are similar, inclusive of their heart and lungs, minor changes such as size and slight shape differences, but the principles are the same... Sorry I can't give you much more than that here" Graham said.

"Ensign Furlington to Away Team, Captain Wilkinson has ordered the away team return to the ship immediately. Please stand by for immediate transport." The voice came over the comm, startling Nikki.

She cast a glance at Graham and shrugged. "Well, I guess that's that." she said quietly, reaching up to tap her commbadge. "Standing by," she replied.

The sound of her commbadge clicking again broke through, but this time there was no voice, only a sound of static and an occasional broken syllable or two.

Tapping her commbadge again, Nikki spoke again. "Away team to Endurance, respond."

Again, there was a click and a bunch of static, though this time not even a broken syllable came through.

Turning toward Graham, Nikki's steady gaze fell on the view from the front of the ship, her eyes widening slightly. "I think this would be a great time to get the rest of the away team and get off this deck."

Graham looked out the viewscreen and saw what had made Nikki so wide-eyed. He nodded in agreement as he finished up his scans and holstered his tricorder. "Should we try and get any scans of it?" he suggested, as he headed back towards the access hatch they had come through.

With a shake of her head, Nikki headed back to the access port. "This ship isn't going to have anything resembling balance or thrust to keep us stable when what ever that is hits and I'm going to assume that given that we have no comms with the ship they aren't going to get us out of here so our best bet now is to find somewhere safe and hope we come out the other side in one piece," she said as she motioned for him to go back into the access hatch.

Reaching up, she tapped her commbadge lightly. "Away team, report to the rendezvous area immediately," she ordered before she followed Graham in and started climbing down the ladder.


Lieutenant Nicolette De St Chevalier
Chief Security/Tactical Officer
USS Endurance


Lieutenant Junior Grade Graham Soccul
Medical Officer
USS Endurance


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