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Over and Away - Medical on the Move

Posted on Tue Apr 30th, 2019 @ 10:50pm by Lieutenant Nicolette De St Chevalier & Lieutenant Hetara & Ensign Eska MD

Mission: A Journey to the Stars
Location: Alien Vessel

Over and Away - Medical on the Move


As the away team started to disperse into their own teams, Scarlet looked at Hetara and Eska, smiling warmly. "Alright ladies, will we get this show on the road?" she asked quickly. "I'm assuming we just need to find bodies and take it from there?"

"That's the idea." Hetara nodded, taking out her medscanner and running it. "Keep an eye out though. I'm not reading any life signs, but that doesn't mean whatever killed the crew isn't still here. There could toxins or some form of life outside what our instruments register."

Eska only remained quiet as the two talked. She was already put off by the quiet ship. Even the people attempting to make humor of it was putting her off.

Scarlet kept walking, suppressing a giggle as she thought about Hetara's words. "How exactly would one see toxins? Because right now I'm imagining a ball of toxic gas with eyes floating about through the ship flailing its non corporeal arms while hunting for its next victim."

Eska huffed at the woman. "'ee'el ed. Joke not, unie not." She said in Novan. "Bad ay, kill many. Seen had."

Casting a glance at Eska and rolling her eyes, Scarlet turned forward again and continued walking, her phaser held out in front of her next to her tricorder. "Learn to take your humor where you can Ensign," she replied easily. "If you don't, jobs like this can make you crazy."

Turning into a new corridor, Scarlet stopped, looking at the two bodies laying on the deck in front of her. "Well, looks like we found our first victims," she said, approaching cautiously. Even though the tricorder showed no life signs, she had learned that lesson the hard way previously. Stepping in next to one of the bodies, she nudged it carefully with the toe of her boot. "Looks like you're up Lieutenant," she said to Hetara.

The doctor approached the two bodies, assessing visually that there were no obvious wounds or signs of struggle. Indeed, they looked as though they had had simply dropped on the spot. She ran the medscanner over both. And then ran it again. While the readings conformed to the appearance of sudden collapse, it seemed strange. "Dr. Eska, check my readings. It looks like both of them died from sudden heart failure. At the same instant."

Eska was about to tell the woman off, when Hetana asked her to do something. She only growled as she went to work scanning the pair. She did three scans before she spoke slowly. "Look at the scans of the neural pathways." She show Hetara her scans. "Looks like they had neural blocks."

"It's creepy what ever it is," Scarlet replied with a shiver. "It looks like they're looking at us, the way their eyes are open. I almost expect them to just jump up and start swinging." She shuddered again. "Do you plan on examining them here or back on the Endurance?" Clearly by the tone of her voice any sense of bravado was gone and Scarlet was looking forward to getting away from the ship full of dead aliens.

"The dead often give that impression," Hetara noted absently, still absorbed in analyzing the readings. There was neural shock, but it didn't look like the cause of death. Though it might be related to the cause of heart failure... Her train of thought stopped at the question. "An autopsy might be helpful, though I want more data first. This looks to have been sudden, like a weapon, but that doesn't eliminated contagion." She frowned. "And if it's some sort of weaponized contagion, I do not want to bring it back to the ship." She motioned for them to move on. "Let's find more bodies."

Eska sighed before she spoke slowly. "We should locate their sick bay?" She suggested. "Perhaps we can see what they had discovered so far.

"That's a good idea," Hetara replied. "Make a note of time of death for these two so we can compare with anyone we find there."

"Already done." Eska said slowly as she looked at Scarlett. "That means more creepy bodies." She said with a bit of s low sarcasm.

Choosing to ignore the other Ensign, Scarlet turned her attention to Hetara. "I would suggest we just keep walking this way for now, without having a 'you are here map' to refer to, we are just going to be running blind, so this seems as good an option as any. We can start checking behind doors along the way."

"Logically, medbay should be in one of the more protected areas of the ship, but without schematics we would just be guessing for that," Hetara acknowledged with a wry look. "So, checking behind doors it is. Lead on."

Eska only watched the two talk, then she looked back at her tricorder. Then she looked around the area looking for anything. Then she made adjustments to the tricorder and scanned the bodies again, and got confused.

"Ensign Furlington to Away Team, Captain Wilkinson has ordered the away team return to the ship immediately. Please stand by for immediate transport." The voice came over the comm, breaking through the near silence around the trio, the voice followed quickly by Nikki's reply of "Standing by."

"Well," Scarlett said as she glanced at the two medical officers. "Looks like it's time to go home."

The sound of commbadges clicking again broke through, but this time there was no voice, only a sound of static and an occasional broken syllable or two, which was followed by Nikki's voice clearly speaking again. "Away team to Endurance, respond."

A feeling of foreboding washed over Scarlett as she listened to the exchange. Again, there was a click and a bunch of static, though this time not even a broken syllable came through.

Then there was silence. A silence that brought a sick feeling to Scarlett's stomach. Something was definitely wrong. She didn't know what, but something was most definitely wrong.

"Away team, report to the rendezvous area immediately," The sound of Nikki's voice was the final thing heard before the comms went silent.

Glancing at both Hetara and Eska, Scarlett tried to keep a calm demeanor as she unholstered her phaser again. "Let's go," was all she said softly.

"Let me tag one of those bodies to bring back," Hetara said, doing just that before preparing for transport.

Once the body was tagged and ready to be transported, Scarlet cast one last glance at the bodies around them before shaking her head, motioning for the two medical officers to start walking. "Let's go back to the rendezvous point and find out what's going on," she said quietly.


Dr. Hetara
USS Endurance


Ensign Eska
Medical Officer
USS Endurance


Ensign Scarlet Morana
Security NPC
USS Endurance


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