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Over and Away - An Engineering Perspective

Posted on Sat May 4th, 2019 @ 9:39pm by Lieutenant Nicolette De St Chevalier & Commander Crystal Verrill & Lieutenant Commander Richelle Soranson

Mission: A Journey to the Stars
Location: Alien Ship

Over and Away - An Engineering Perspective


As they materialized Paul pulled out his tricorder and began scanning and recording. Paul was in engineering heaven as he walked carefully making note where things were.

With the transport being complete, Charlie reached into her pocket and pulled out an elastic, using it to twist her blonde hair up into a quick messy bun before pulling out her tricorder. She glanced at both Paul and Crystal and back to her tricorder again. "Are we sure this is the same ship that we encountered after the spore jump?" she asked curiously. "I didn't go on that away mission, but this techology just feels so old, especially compared to the capacity of their weapons."

"I looks like the same ship. Same old technology, but these weapons are like nothing I have ever seen", Paul said.

Crystal looked around. the ship definitely looked similar to the other one. "Lets see what we can find out." Crystal looked around again, wondering where to start.

Walking across to one of the consoles, Charlie crouched down in front of it, pulling the cover off and peering at the contents hidden within. "Will you take a look at this?" she asked curiously, pulling out her tricorder and scanning slowly. "It literally looks like everything has just fried."

Dropping down to sit cross legged on the floor, she set an engineering tool kit down next to her, opening it and pulling out a set of pliers, closing the ends around a section of cabling and scraping away what looked like melted conduit casing. "I've seen some pretty burned out consoles, but I've never seen anything like this."

"Fried is not the word I would use. Obliterated is more what I would say. My tricorder readings indicate this engineering section is antique compared to our technology's. Look at this", Paul said, showing Charlie a piece of what looked like a power tap but badly mis-shapen by fire. "This looks like it had been exposed to high heat from a plasma burn or maybe something like a high intensity beam".

Crawling on her knees to the next console, Charlie pulled away the cover and scanned again, though she didn't need to scan to see that the damage was basically identical. "There's a hatch over there, I don't know where it goes but it has some kind of crawl space behind it." Climbing to her feet, she walked across and started pulling the access hatch away. "Anyone else feeling adventurous?"

"I'll go with you", Paul said trying not to sound eager.

Pulling the hatch away, Charlie crawled in, grimacing at the darkness inside the crawl space. "Look at this," she murmured quietly, using her tricorder to shine light along the inner wall of the access hatch. "It looks like this whole section of wiring in here caught fire, the wiring is completely melted and the scorch marks along the actual metal plating looks like fire marks. I'm not seeing anything that looks like fire suppression though," she said, using the tricorder to shine light above them. "It's possible that they use oxygen deprivation for fire suppression but I'm not seeing any firetraps in place either."

"Nope I don't see any either. Maybe it was a high intensity beam of some type to cause this type of scorching. Some high intensity beams can melt these wires and make it appear to be a fire. The absence of fire traps makes me think more of the beam theory than plasma burning or any type of fire", Paul said running his tricorder over the wires.

"But a beam wouldn't explain the inside of all the consoles. I mean, it would take a lot of commitment to use any kind of high intensity beam so thoroughly through..." Charlie's words were cut off as the ship moved suddenly, causing the three of them to rock sideways into the wall of the access hatch. "I think we should get out of here," she said quickly, rubbing her shoulder as they started back toward the access hatch.

Emerging from the access hatch, the comms noise was the first thing they heard.

"Ensign Furlington to Away Team, Captain Wilkinson has ordered the away team return to the ship immediately. Please stand by for immediate transport." The voice came over the comm, breaking through the near silence around the trio, the voice followed quickly by Nikki's reply of "Standing by."

"Guessing that's not coming a moment too soon," Charlie said, relief evident in her voice.

The sound of commbadges clicking again broke through, but this time there was no voice, only a sound of static and an occasional broken syllable or two, which was followed by Nikki's voice clearly speaking again. "Away team to Endurance, respond."

Again, there was a click and a bunch of static, though this time not even a broken syllable came through.

The comms fell silent for a long moment, yet none of them spoke, the silence finally being broken by the sound of Nikki's voice. "Away team, report to the rendezvous area immediately."

"Does this mean we aren't leaving?" Charlie asked quietly, almost uncertainly. "Didn't they say we were being transported out immediately?"

Crystal shook her head. This was not good...not good at all. The fact their beam out had been unsuccessful in itself was very concerning, considering there should have been a lock on all team members to stop any problems. They'd also lost communications which was worrying as well. The nebula could have something to do with it, but without any further contact she just didn't know. "Ok, we need to keep calm. Gather what information you can, and then lets head to meet up with everyone." She said, slightly uncertainly.

As they were about to head out of the engineering section, Charlie turned around and ducked back to one of the consoles that had been opened. "Here, Paul, help me with these!" she exclaimed suddenly. "I think these are data nodes of some kind, we might be able to repair them back on the ship and get the information off them."

"Good idea, here let me help", Paul said as he took some of the data nodes.

Data nodes in hand, Charlie stood up and cast an uncertain smile at Crystal. "I guess we should go find the others then?"

"Aye. Lets all stick together now. We don't want any other unexpected problems." She said, smiling.


Ensign Charlotte (Charlie) Leyland
Engineering NPC
USS Endurance


Lt. Paul Saunders
Engjneering Officer
USS Endurance


Commander Crystal Verrill
Executive Officer
USS Endurance


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