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Over and Away - Part 1

Posted on Thu Apr 18th, 2019 @ 12:16am by Lieutenant Nicolette De St Chevalier & Commander Crystal Verrill & Lieutenant Commander Richelle Soranson & Lieutenant Hetara & Lieutenant JG Graham Soccul PhD & Ensign Eska MD

Mission: A Journey to the Stars
Location: Transporter Room

There was something almost ghostlike about the ship, from the way it first appeared on their sensors, powerless, lifeless, just existing.

Scans had been run, repeatedly. There was life support, barely, but little else. Warp signatures had almost completely faded which would indicate that there had been no traffic in the area for at least a little time. There was no sign of weapons fire or struggle. Nothing at all that would indicate, at least from a distance, that would tell them what had happened.

Now the deja vu was strong as Nikki found herself part of another away team being assembled to go and investigate, the second in days, only this time the intent was different. Instead of going in to damage and destroy, they were going in to investigate. At least that was going to be the intention.

Making her way through the ship to the transporter room, Nikki took a moment to outline her own concerns to the Ensign lucky enough to be their designated transporter operator while she waited for the rest of the away team to arrive.

Eska arrived into the transporter room, a she needed to log in more time on Away Missions. She kept quiet as she slink in.

While she didn't say anything as she entered, Hetara evinced no such with no concern for being quiet or unassuming. 'Slink' would apply to her stride only insofar as it might describe the way her hips swayed as walked to a position near the transporter pad to wait for the away mission briefing.

Richelle was going on an away mission again. 'What the hell was I thinking when I volunteered for this', she thought to herself as she walked into the transporter room. "Well here I go again, what's the fun mission this. time Nikki?", Richelle said smiling.

As Ensign Morana and Lieutenant Commander O'Leary joined the small gathering, Nikki glanced around and offered a smile, especially at Richelle after her question.

"So you're feeling the deja vu too?" Nikki asked with a mirthful laugh.

"In more ways than one. I am guessing you need some of my engineering wisdom again", Rianna replied with an equally sinister laugh, and took her place next to Nikki.

Eska just remained in the back waiting. She just wanted to get this mission over with.

Crystal walked into the transporter room, which was slowly but surely becoming cramped with people. She looked around at the assembled faces, recognising most of them from the previous away mission. "So...anyone else getting that dejavu feeling again?" She asked, smiling.

Nikki laughed. "Well at least this time fingers crossed it's going to be a little less hair raising," she said with an easy smile. "I think the entire team is here Commander, ready for you to fill everyone in on what's what."

"I think we're waiting on one more Lieutenant. Has anyone seen Lieutenant Soccul. He should have been here by now." She asked, looking around the group.

Graham wandered into the transporter room, scruffy haired and glazy eyed, he looked around at the officer before him... He coughed before continuing in a coarse, half asleep voice, "My apologies commander, I uhh... overslept" as he stumbled towards the transporter pad and took his position.

Nikki raised an eyebrow slightly as she watched the medical officer stumble toward the transporter pad. She turned toward Crystal and smirked. "I've never tried it, but one of the professors at the Academy once told us that a short, sharp low intensity phaser shot to the ass is a good wakeup call, I'm willing to try it," she said with a sudden grin.

Graham smirked as he overheard the comment made by her colleague. He replied, "Hey, what can I say..." he chuckled "I've been very busy as of late... We have had people to deal with you know..." he replied, jestfully.

"Well, my offer stands," Nikki said to Crystal. "Could be fun to watch any which way."

Crystal looked to Nikki. "Not yet, but lets save it for later, just in case he needs a wake up call while we're over there."" She said, winking at the officers. "Anyway, now that we're all here...Lieutenant, if you'd like to give your briefing." Crystal said as she turned and started checking things off her list. She kept one ear listening to the briefing. She'd already read most of it in the previous report that had been sent to her.

"Right, so, here we go. There's a ship that appears to be dead in space. We can't detect any signs of weapons fire so it doesn't look like it was attacked. There is environmental controls, so there is an oxygen atmosphere, at least for now. There are no signs of life on board.

This ship is identical to the ship that attacked us after our failed spore jump, so we know they have incredibly advanced weapons. With weaponry like theirs I'm a little uncertain as to how they could have been easily disabled, especially without any signs of attack.

Richelle, assess their engineering systems, at least as best you can. Hetara and Eska, find out what happened to the crew of this ship. You're going to be split into groups, and you'll have security with you at all times. Ensign Tila here is going to keep transporter locks on us and beam us back at the first sign of trouble. Any questions?" Nikki asked, glancing around the small gathering.

Graham looked at Richelle, looked at himself and then back to Richelle and looked confused... "So, what am I for? I ain't a pretty face so I ain't good for standing around doing nothing... and well, I was rather enjoying my... nap" he said, emphasizing uncertainty in his last word. "I guess I can give Hetara and Eska a hand, unless you want me doing something else?" he chuckled.

"You'll be with me Lieutenant, there's something else I want to take care of while we're there and I could do with a set of medical eyes to help." Nikki replied easily.

Graham smirked, "Ah, I see... What's this tingly feeling in my stomach, is this what it feels like to be wanted?" he chuckled as he made light of the situation they were all entering. "Gotcha though, this should be interesting..."

"Don't flatter yourself, I just need to keep you close so when the Commander gives the command I can shoot you in the ass without having to hunt you first," Nikki countered with a smirk.

"Now now, that's not very nice now, is it? I turned up.. eventually..." he chuckled, returning his attention to his hair, he straightened it up... "Gotta look pretty if I'm not going to be doing much" he chuckled...

Hetara rolled her eyes. She shot a glare at Graham as she stepped up onto the transporter pad. They were all busy in medbay so his 'tired' excuse was BS. "Show up late and looking hung over again," she said as she passed him. "And I'll shoot you in that pretty ass myself."

"What can I say, I'm just not used to this hard graft on the science vessel I used to be on..." he nodded at Hetara continuing "my apologies, I'll not turn up late again."

"Good. And I get joking to relieve anxiety, but get your head in the game. Lives could depend it," Hetara warned. Specifically his life could depend on it. Right now, he was #1 on her list of away crew most likely to stumble into a trap.

Crystal had finished her checks. "Right, everyone take your places on the transporter pad please." She went and took her space next to Nikki on the transporter pad and looked towards the rest of the assembled team. She hoped there wouldn't be any issues on what would be their second mission to an unknown vessel.

Graham looked down, to ensure he was in the correct position and nodded with his affirmation. "Ahh, atleast I can get in the right spot when needed..." he joked, trying to break the nerves of his first, potentially hostile, away mission. He shook his head and removed the smirk from his face and as such his demeaner changed from that of a joker to that of a serious, determined Starfleet officer.

Glancing toward him, Hetara gave a small nod. Better. She might be being tough on him, but they were going into Goddess-knew-what on a hostile species' ship. The last thing she wanted was to have one of her doctors become a medical emergency.

Stepping up, Nikki glanced around, doing a head count, making sure everyone was accounted for before she looked at Crystal, gave a slight nod and turned her attention to the transporter operator. "Remember what I said," she cautioned quietly. "Energize on the Commanders orders."

Eska was already on the pad, waiting to be transported. She didn't want to say anything about her being scare. She remained in the back of the group so people wouldn't see the fear on her face.

Shifting her weight slightly, Rianna waited for the transporters familiar tingle signaling the beginning of the transport. "Ok...let's get the ball rolling", she chuckled.

Saunders came flying into the transporter room, "Boss! Wait you can't go. The captain wants you to stay. I"ll go", the young Lt. Jg. said taking his place on the pad when Richelle stepped off and left for engineering.

Crystal looked to the transporter operator. "Energize!" She called across the room. Slowly the blue glow consumed the group, and she had the odd feeling of falling she got every time she was in a transporter. She waited patiently as the scenery changed from that of the transporter room, to one of the alien rooms. Once they'd finished she pulled out her tricorder and had a scan around.

As soon as they had materialized on the alien ship, Nikki stopped and looked around, doing a second head count to make sure that everyone had come through intact. "Alright, Commander Verrill, I'll leave you with Lieutenant Saunders and Commander O'Leary. Lieutenant Hetara, Ensign Eska, you can do your own medical thing, Ensign Morana will accompany you, just in case. Lieuteanant Soccul, you're with me. Everyone know what they need to do?"

Once everyone had acknowledge, Nikki drew in a deep breath. "Keep open comms at all times, everyone stay safe," she said quietly as the group started to brreak off in their own little teams, drawing a deep breath and turning toward Soccul. "Alright Doctor, lets go."

=/\= To be Continued =/\=

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