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Backpost - Reviewing the Aftermath

Posted on Tue Apr 30th, 2019 @ 6:00pm by Lieutenant Nicolette De St Chevalier & Captain Jake Wilkinson

Mission: A Journey to the Stars
Location: Security Office
Timeline: Day 8 - Backlog

Nikki was sitting in her office, reviewing the data that they had collected on the alien ship. The last 24 hours had been bothersome to say the least. She still hadn't made it to medical, which meant the bruising above and around her eye was starting to come out in full force in an alarming purple/black glow on her otherwise pale face. Reaching up, she touched her fingertips to the bruising again before dropping her hand away, and shaking her head quietly, brushing aside the discomfort.

With a sigh, she walked across to the replicator in her office, ordering a strong coffee, carrying the mug back to her seat before sinking down gratefully into the comfort the tall back chair offered. She had run the scans no less than a dozen times, the answers were still always the same. No alien life forms had made their way onto the Endurance. Still, she found herself not entirely convinced and flicker her screen to a list of available security staff.

There were not enough staff to run a sustainable deck by deck visual inspection, so the question remained. What did she do? Did she go deck by deck herself, or did she trust the computers.

Jake walked into the Security Office looking for Nikki, He tapped lightly on the door frame to the open office door before stepping in "Lieutenant" He said formerly, regardless of their personal feelings this was an official visit and he had promised himself he'd maintain the professionalism when they were on duty "Do you have a mission report for me?" He asked.

Nikki held up a PaDD in one hand. "Still compiling," she said with a distracted smile. "Replicator's there if you want a coffee while you wait, it shouldn't be too long. I'm just going back over the data we recorded with the tricorders while we were on the ship. There's not a great deal of any benefit," she shrugged slightly. "They had very limited power so there's not a lot of systems information or anything, but we have some stuff that might be useful if we ever have to deal with them again."

Jake nodded and smiled moving to the replicator and getting himself a drink, He noticed the bruising on her normally perfect complexion "That looks nasty" He commented "You should get yourself to medical for a check up" Turning he moved to a chair and sat down.

"I'll get there, eventually, maybe," she said with a shrug. "I'm kind of surprised at their ship, I mean, weapons wise they were incredibly powerful, I had honestly expected their ship to be much more advanced than what it appeared. Their engineering bay was really rather simple. I'm no engineer but for a vessel that crippled us so easily, I expected more.

Jake nodded sipping the coffee "Had we not already been almost dead in the water i suspect they wouldn't have knocked us offline so easily but even so anything we can get from those readings that will help to prepare in case we encounter them again will be useful"

"Once I've finished going through it all I want to correlate some of the tricorder readings with Starfleet databases to see if I can pull any more information. But that won't be today, maybe tomorrow, depending on how things go." Picking up the PaDD she had held up before, she added a thumb print to the bottom and slid it across the desk to him. "There you go, signed, sealed and delivered, as promised."

Jake smiled and nodded "Excellent, Ok work with Engineering to go over what information you have got, I want to know as much about that ship as possible, weapons systems defences possible weaknesses whatever you can find" He sipped the coffee again as he leaned forward and picked up the padd from the desk "Senior staff meeting at 1500 find out what you can by then"

"Alright, but I can't make any promises. I mean, there's not a lot of information available, especially from when we were on the ship." Nikki picked up her mug, grimacing at the fact that the coffee was already going cold. "You know, it's funny, I wouldn't have expected a hit to their weapons to take out the whole ship like that... Even for a lack of engineering prowess, don't you find it a little odd that the entire ship went down like that? I mean, you said it yourself, we already had existing issues that exacerbated our problems... they took one hit and everything went down? Don't you find that strange?"

Jake nodded a little "What little info I managed to get from the brief scans we conducted during the attack there technology looks comparable to ours 100 years ago, with the exception of their weapons systems which are strangely very advanced in comparison to everything else" He rubbed his chin thoughtfully "Its possible they were not prepared for the type of weaponry we carry and their systems we not able to cope with the overload from their shield grid, but given our systems gave out at that moment we can't be sure"

"Perhaps..." Nikki said quietly, pushing the mug of coffee away with distaste. "I'll keep reviewing the data from the tricorders and cross reference it with what we managed to get before our power went down. I'll let you know what I find."

Jake nodded tired "Ok I'll see you at the briefing" He replied moving towards the door. He paused at the entrance and turned back "Once this is all over I don't know about you but i could use a drink?"

Looking up at him, she let her gaze travel slowly over his form before she smiled. "I don't know about you, but when this is all over, I could use a lot more than a drink..." she said quietly as she looked back at the PaDD in her hand. "Any chance it's gonna be all over soon?" she asked hopefully.

Jake shook his head "Unlikely the spore drive is disabled and early reports indicate we don;t have the required materials with repair it so we are stuck here for now"

"It'll work out," Nikki said with a quick smile. "I have faith."

Jake smiled at her "I will see you in the briefing"


Captain Jake Wilkinson
Commanding Officer
USS Endurance

Lieutenant Nicolette De St Chevalier
Chief Security/Tactical Officer
USS Endurance


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