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Meeting the Chief of Engineering

Posted on Thu Sep 13th, 2018 @ 12:33am by Lieutenant Commander Richelle Soranson & Captain Jake Wilkinson

Mission: A Journey to the Stars
Location: Starbase Versallies - Fleet Command Offices
Timeline: Day 1

So far his day had been interesting meeting the various members of his Command staff had a few surprises.

Next up was possibly the most important one. He knew the chief had been fully briefed and trainned on the operation of the spore drive but seeing as noone had used one in about 150 years and until recently the tech had been considered un-usable safely.

As he waited for the arrival of the engineer he pulled up the specs of the spore drive. He didn't claim to understand it all.

Richelle was knowledgeable of the spore drive but over the years that it had been mothballed, she put it aside and concentrated more on other forms of propulsion until her acceptance here. She pulled up the specs on the spore drive once again and it hit a sour note as she remembered what happened. Sky, her companion bird, immediately felt it and gave her a quick shot of strength and she shoved it out of her mind. She was determined not to let that nightmare come up again. Looking at Sky, "Let's go Sky, I have to report to the captain and it is as good a time to introduce you as well. Hope he understands. I know it is not in Starfleet's best interests for pets but this is a different case altogether", she said, as Sky stepped onto her shoulder from his perch in her office. Some would say that they were a kooky pair but they didn't know the circumstances behind the tie between them.

Walking from the turbolift to the captain's office, the pair turned heads and you could hear mumbling as they walked but she didn't mind and hit the chime to the door.

"Enter" He called in response to the door chime and looked up as the Commander walked in with a bird on her shoulder, He looked a little puzzled "Please Commander have a seat"

"Thankyou sir" she said calmly. Projecting to Sky~~~Behave~~~, as she sat. Sky now nestled on her shoulder quietly.

He looked at her and then at the bird "Ok before we begin please fill me on this" He indicated the bird "Whats with the bird?"

"Sir I assume that you read my jacket and that you were made aware of the connection with Sky here. To be quick and honest, he is not what you would classify a pet. He is genetically engineered to be my...shall we say, he is more of an emphatic strengthening bird. What that means is when my empathy gets to the point of almost overcoming me, he strengthens my mind and I come out of what is know as a feude. Much like needing something to focus on before you lose your concentration, if you understand what I said", she said, hoping he would understand. "He is always near me and he has been a life saver in the past. An example would be, should the emotions of the crew or my department suddenly go into high gear, I would be overwhelmed by what ever it is that is bothering them and he would project his thoughts to me grounding me so I could shut out my empathy and concentrate on the moment", she added.

Jake simply nodded and made a mental note to check with the Doctor regarding this to ensure it all checked out "I see Commander, Well as long as it doesn't impede the performance of the engineering department then fine" He paused for a moment "Now the reason I asked for you to be my Chief Engineer was you wrote a dissertation on the merits of spore drive technology back at the academy and outside of the development team your the only engineer to have even studied the original specs from the mk 1 drive on the discovery"

"Yes sir I am familiar with the spore drive specs of the Mk1. As you indicated, I wrote the dissertation on the merits and I still think it can work to our advantage. The idea of being able to move from one place to another almost instantaneously is something that would be advantageous to rescue and defense", she said.

Jake nodded "I trust you have been going over the specs of the Mk 2 drive I released to you" No other engineers in the fleet outside of the development team even knew about the drive let alone had access to the specs. Jake had pulled some strings to get Richelle clearance. "Command wanted one of the development team in your position but I insisted on someone with years of Starship experience, so you have a lot to prove to the higher ups because they are still trying to override me on this.

Richelle looked at the captain, "Sir I have looked over the specs of the Mk2 and they are similar to the Mk1 with some differences. I have noticed that there might be a problem that might hinder the drive but it is something that I will have to look into further. It could be something very simple that can be fixed quickly by a fast diagnostic. As I said I will have to look into the matter", she said quickly.

Jake nodded "In that case you are to report aboard tomorrow morning 0600 run every diagnostic you need to" he paused "I want to be sure that the damn thing isn't going to blow up in our faces the second we turn it on"

"Understood sir", she said, standing and smiled at him.

"Very Commander, Dismissed" He stood up and smiled "I will see you tomorrow"

"Until tomorrow sir", she added, spun on her heel and left.

Captain Jake Wilkinson
Commanding Officer
Uss Endurance

Lt. Cmdr. Richelle Soranson
Chief Engineering Officer
USS Endurance


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