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Slow Them Down - Part 2

Posted on Sat Mar 9th, 2019 @ 5:22pm by Lieutenant Nicolette De St Chevalier

Mission: A Journey to the Stars
Location: Alien Vessel

Reaching up calmly, Nikki tapped her commbadge. " Lieutenant Hetara, the away team is departing now. Lieutenant Matthews, energize."

The sensation of the transporter overtaking her body was something she never got used to, thankfully it was a short transport and was over momentarily, with the small crew arriving silently in the depths of the alien ship. Nikki pulled her handheld phaser, disarming the safety and activating the phase settings, holding it out next to her tricorder which was also already open and actively scanning the immediate area around them. "Stay alert," she hissed quietly. "Commander Soranson, you're up."

Looking around, Richelle was way out of her element here. What appeared to be the engineering section could have doubled for a cargo bay, it was huge. "This is their engineering section?", she whispered.

Crystal nodded. "That's what we believe it to be, judging from the scans we've been able to pull of the ship. We need to put some explosives on whatever engineering systems we can find, to hopefully disrupt their power." She answered, looking across at Richelle.

Nikki stopped and took a moment to just look around the room before shaking her head. "No, I don't think this is engineering," a fleeting look of concern crossed her face. "If it's engineering why are there no people where working on the ship? Their ship is damaged, engineering should be a throng of activity, not dead empty. This could be a storage area of some kind?" She pulled out a tricorder and flipped it open, holding it out as she turned a full circle, slowly scanning.

"The strongest power readings are from the otherside of this bulkhead," she said quietly as she motioned to the wall closest to them. "There are lifesigns, I can't tell what they are, but there are definitely biological lifesigns in engineering." Lifting the tricorder, she started scanning higher in the room around them. "It looks like there's some kind of ducts running between the decks, we could potentially use those to get a closer look at Engineering before dropping in unannounced?" she looked toward Crystal questioningly.

"It's possible if we can get up there. We could try and get a look inside without being seen", Richellle said.

"Okay, scans seem to indicate that there is 4 life signs in the engineering area right now. If we split up, send two of you up through the vent and then the rest of us just go knocking at the front door we can go in from both directions at once. Phasers on high stun, set the booms and get out. The whole thing could be over and done with in maybe 5 minutes, we'd disable their ship and by the time they come to we'll be long gone. Richelle, can you identify on sight any kind of engineering system we don't want to blow up? The last thing we want is a warp core explosion or anything like it," Nikki kept her voice low as she spoke.

"Sure, power systems are the first things easily noticed. From there I can blow their secondary systems and possibly their computer core if I can get to it", Richelle said softly. "It would stand to reason I would not blow up the plasma supply or cause a core breach"

"Right, Richelle, get that cover off the vent. Ensign Morana, you'll be going into the vent with Commander Verrill. The rest of you are with me. Ensign Lothbrook, your sole responsibility is to cover Commander Soranson so she can identify what we need to do. We go in, we clear the room, we set the booms and we detonate on the way out and then we get the hell out of here! Got it?" Nikki looked around the small gathering trying to make sure everyone knew what the plan was going to be.

Phil nodded, moving over to where the Commander stood.

Making her way to the hatch cover, Richelle gently pulled it off and stepped aside to let Ensign Morana and Commander Verrill enter the vent. "I hope they will be alright in there", Richelle said.

"They'll be fine, safer than we will be," Nikki replied as calmly as she lead the way toward the door, tricorder and phaser held side by side so she could at least get some kind of an idea of what was beyond. With no immediate signs of life, she nodded at Richelle who found the manual override and opened the doors silently. The small group slipped into the dark corridor, moving with quiet footfalls the short distance to the entrance to what they were assuming to be engineering.

Here there was no door to be opened or closed, just a large arch in the corridor and even in the darkness the shadowy figures of those working within were visible. Indicating for Lothbrook, Richelle and Commander Verrill to remain on that side of the door, Nikki watched carefully for an opportune time to slide past the open door, standing across from the rest of her group, to get a better look inside the arch where the rest of the room was.

What she could see visually seemed to confirm the tricorder. There were four bodies in the engineering bay, she could hear the four distinct voices talking, but the universal translator in her commbadge hadn't started to translate yet.

With a nod to Lothbrook, Nikki crouched down, using the frame of the arch to shield her from any retaliatory attack that may come. With the two security officers counting down, they both fired simultaneously, phasers set to medium stun, their success determined by the sound of the first two bodies falling to the floor.

Phil peeked around the bulkhead, trying to locate the other two targets. Sighting them, he took aim, ready to fire.

There was a shout from within engineering, a voice rising in panic, the sound of scuffling footsteps and then a very short burst of phaser fire and the remaining two bodies fell.

"Richelle, you have maybe a minute or to to tell us where to put the booms. Lothbrook, get that vent open so Commander Verrill and Ensign Morana can get out, I'll stand watch at the door. If they don't already know we're here, they will shortly." Nikki ordered calmly.

Jogging over to the exit went, he pulled on the vent, which came away fairly easily - and helped the two down.

Richelle took a good quick look. "Put one there at the base of that console. That's the main power junction for the prime computer relays", she said pointing. Looking again she saw the main power relay taps, " Put one there", she said pointing to where the main power taps were. " That takes care of the main power. What else do we to take out?", Richelle asked quickly.

Crystal placed the devices in the positions that the Chief Engineer pointed out. "Done and done." She looked over at Nikki to find where else the small explosives where needed

"Power for weapons systems," Nikki called in a hushed tone from the doorway.

Looking around again Richelle saw a panel which looked familiar. Walking over to it, she keyed in a set of codes and much to her surprise it responded with a detailed map of the engine room. "Holy Shit!", she said in a hushed tone. Pulling out her tricorder she quickly downloaded the information and moved to where the power system for the weapons was and set down the boom. Then she walked over and placed her last one near the main display panel. By taking that out, it would make it nearly impossible to locate any problems. "Ok, booms placed. Let's go!", she said quietly.

With a nod, stepped back, keeping a careful watch on the corridor for any signs of movement in the near darkness as the away team reassembled and headed back into the cargo hold next door that they had originally transported into.

"Lieutenant Mathews, stand by to transport the away team back to the shuttle, everyone except Ensign Morana and I, we will be staying behind a little longer." Nikki said, having activated her comm link to the shuttle.

"Understood Lieutenant, standing by for transport." Came the response.

With a nod, Nikki took a few steps back from the rest of the away team. "Everyone ready?" she asked.

"What? Nikki your not coming? Are you nuts?" Richelle said.

Nikki shook her head. "I won't be far behind, just one more thing I need to take care of and we'll move quicker without a group. Get the rest of the team back to the shuttle and tell Matthews to prepare to initiate the booms."

"Nikki I don't like leaving anyone behind! But I will do as you ask", Rianna said unhappily.

"I, on the other hand, will not." Crystal stepped away from the team. "Lieutenant Matthews - four to transport - myself and Lieutenant De St Chevalier will be with you shortly. Please keep a transporter lock on us." She said, not giving anyone a chance to argue. She looked across at Nikki. "I assume you have a plan?" She asked.


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