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Slow Them Down - Part 3

Posted on Wed Mar 13th, 2019 @ 12:29am by Commander Crystal Verrill & Lieutenant Nicolette De St Chevalier

Mission: A Journey to the Stars
Location: Alien Vessel

Satisfied that the rest of the away team had been transported out safely, Nikki turned to Crystal. "Stay close and stay silent, and keep your tricorder out, record everything you scan and transmit it back to the shuttle." She could already feel her heartbeat starting to race as the two of them started running down the dark corridor, Nikki using her tricorder to navigate. "Once we get to the end of this corridor, we need to turn left and there's going to be a access hatch, we need to go down two decks. Hope you're not concerned about small spaces?"

Crystal shook her head as they moved. "Where exactly are we heading?" She asked, keeping a sharp eye out for any hostile movement.

"Weapons array." Nikki replied in a hushed whisper. "We're gonna go blow some stuff up," She glanced back over her shoulder and grinned before turning her attention back to the dark corridor ahead, slowing as they reached the end of the corridor. "We've got company coming up," she said quietly. "Two life signs approaching. As soon as they clear the bulkhead, we fire and then we go again, got it?" Nikki asked, slowing her pace, primarly so she would remain close to Crystal in case anything happened. "Three... two..."

Barely a moment later and the two shadowy figures crossed into the open space. Both security officers fired simultaneously, both bodies falling to the deck with a thud and they both started running again. As they passed the two fallen bodies, one of them moved suddenly, reaching up, a solid hand connecting firmly with Nikki's ankle, knocking her from her feet.

Nikki hit the deck hard, feeling the solid heel of a boot connect with her forehead, right above her eye. Cursing, she rolled out of the way of the second strike that was coming, changing the power setting on her phaser to maximum and firing again, watching to make sure the body remained on the deck this time before she scrambled to her feet. "They know we're here," she said quickly, touching fingertips lightly to where she'd been struck. "We need to go about a hundred feet and the access will be on the right."

"You ok?" Crystal asked, concerned. "They're tough..." She muttered quietly to herself, looking at the two downed aliens.

"Tell me about it," Nikki replied through gritted teeth. "Medical's going to pitch a blue fit about this," she cursed under her breath. "Come on, another hundred feet or so..."

They moved quickly until Nikki held up her hand for them so they stopped in front of the access hatch. She pulled it away quickly, motioning for Crystal to climb through first before she silently slid in behind the XO, pulling the hatch back into place. "Forward about fifteen feet and then down two decks. Keep your phaser set to maximum stun, we don't want any more of them waking up." she muttered darkly.

Crystal nodded silently at the observation. "Will do." She whispered back.

Having gone down the last two decks and made their way into the maintenance area behind the primary weapons array, Nikki set the backpack down on the deck, crouching down and pulling away a panel to reveal circuitry within. "There should be another one on that side," she said to Crystal, pointing to a near identical panel on the opposite wall. "Open it up and just start ripping everything out," she said as she started pulling out anything she could forcibly remove. Once she had cleared enough space, she took one of the small explosive devices and set it inside the panel before closing it up again.

Crystal nodded again, and started to pull the panel off. She looked across and saw what Nicolette was doing and reached across to take the last of the eplosives. "All done here." She said, standing and moving back to her colleague.

Nikki could feel hear heart near exploding with every racing beat as she turned and helped Crystal to seal the panel again before picking up her phaser and her tricorder. "Let's get the hell out of here, we've got company coming."

Crystal followed Nikki along the corridor, tapping her commbadge as she went. "Away team to Shuttle - two to transport...quickly please." She said following Nikki, and looking behind her at the inevitable pursuit.

"Understood Commander, Initiating transport."

With a sigh, Nikki closed her eyes as the familiar tingle of the transporter overwhelmed her entire body.

As soon as they were back aboard the shuttle, Nikki moved straight to the front of the small craft, sinking into the second seat, her fingers moving across the console lightly as she issued the remote detonation sequence for the devices, watching on the view screen as she alien vessel shook visibly, the weapons array blowing out completely. Even the Engineering deck had sustained serious enough damage that there was a clear hull breach visible to the naked eye.

She leaned back in the seat, smiling faintly. "Take us home Matthews, I think we've bought enough time for now."

The journey back to the Endurance was short, short enough that there was barely time to get comfortable before the shuttle returned to the shuttle bay, the doors of the smaller vessel opening.

As the crew exited and made their way toward the exit, Nikki cast a glance at Crystal. "I'll let you brief the Captain, I want to get back to Security. With systems down getting onto their ship was far too easy, I'd like to make sure they haven't extended the same courtesy to us."

Without waiting for a reply, Nikki walked quickly into the corridor, slipping past the rest of the away team and disappearing.

Crystal nodded, and made her way out of the shuttle, and started up towards the Bridge. It had been a long day - but it wasn't over yet.


Commander Crystal Verrill
Executive Officer
USS Endurance

Lieutenant Nicolette De St Chevalier
Chief Security/Tactical Officer
USS Endurance


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