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Meeting the Chief Security Officer Again

Posted on Fri Mar 8th, 2019 @ 1:22am by Lieutenant Nicolette De St Chevalier & Captain Jake Wilkinson

Mission: A Journey to the Stars
Location: Starbase Versailles - Office Complex
Timeline: Day 5

Leaning back in the chair he was deep in thought, this next meeting was sure to be awkward having met the young Lieutenant the other night at the bar which had led to a very memorable evening.

Given the events of that evening Jake was questioning if this reassignment was a good idea or a bad one. There was no doubt in his mind that she was more then capable her record certainly showed she was by far the best candidate on the list of officers currently available.

Given that Command had moved up the launch date and his original Chief had been reassigned to earth last minute he needed to make a choice today.

He stood and walked to the replicator and ordered himself a coffee at that moment the door chime sounded "Come in" He said instinctively as the coffee appeared in front of him.

Smoothing the front of her uniform, Nikki took a deep breath, steeling herself for what she knew was going to be nothing but awkward. Running a hand through her hair that, thankfully, she had at least managed to find time to brush while hauling ass to check in on time, she held her head high and stepped through the parted doors.

"Lieutenant Nicolette De St Chevalier, reporting as ordered, Sir," she said, standing rigidly at the door as she settled her gaze on him.

He smiled "Can I get you anything to drink Lieutenant?" He said turning around "non alcoholic this time"

Her body was silently crying out for coffee, but she was determined that she was going to remain as professional as she possibly could.
"No, Sir, Thank you. I'll be fine." She bit her bottom lip ever so slightly as she continued to watch him for a moment in silence. "So, I guess you really are a Captain then," she finally said after a long moment of silence.

Jake nodded as he blew on the hot coffee a little and then moved towards the desk "It would appear so" He replied as he sat down and motioned to the seat across from him "Relax Lieutenant I'm not going to bite" He smiled warmly "After we met the other night I decided to take a look at your file, honestly I must say I'm impressed your better qualified then my original choice for this position"

He tapped the screen in front of him "Your previous CO can't recommend you highly enough, I spoke to him this morning and it seems you made a very good impression"

A look of blatant surprise crossed her face. "Really? The cranky old goat was usually telling me I was an id..." the surprise was covered with alarm. "I mean... Well.. I'm glad."

The smell of the coffee was overwhelmingly delicious and making her mouth water. "Maybe I will get a coffee after all, is that alright?" she asked quietly.

He nodded trying to suppress a smile at her little outburst "By all means"

Replicating the coffee, she blew across the top of it as she carried the mug back to the chair, sinking down into it gratefully. "So you had me reassigned here?" she asked, watching him over the rim of her coffee mug.

He nodded "I did, quite frankly there is noone else on this station qualified for the position" He looked at her "Besides I did offer you the post the other night thankfully for me your qualifications meet the requirements"

"I see..." Nikki said, sipping slowly at the extra strong coffee, grateful for the mug that disguised most of the small smile dancing at her lips as she thought about the other night.

There were about eleven million questions running through her mind, but instead she just sipped her coffee.

"Don't worry, I'll keep it professional. What happened on the Starbase stays on the Starbase, isn't that what they say?" she said as she moved the coffee cup and held it between her hands.

Jake nodded and smiled "I do believe that is the saying" He replied sipping his coffee again "Is there anything you want to know about the ship or your assignment?"

"It seems that Security is pretty under staffed, I'm assuming that that's because departure has been moved up?" Nikki asked curiously, watching him carefully over the top of her mug. "There are a couple of security officers on the base awaiting orders, they were meant to be reassigned to the Devereux with me."

She sipped at the coffee, savouring the heavenly taste, closing her eyes just momentarily before looking back at him. "I guess other than that, I just need to know what you expect from me?" she finally asked quietly.

He looked at her smiled "On duty I expect nothing more then any other officer under my command" He paused for a moment not sure quite what to say "Off duty well I hope we can get to know each other but that all depends on what you want?"

Nikki closed her eyes for a moment and exhaled slowly before she smiled and looked across at him. "I would like that, very much." She laughed softly, almost nervously. "To be honest, I wasn't sure what to expect when I came here... Speaking freely?" she queried.

Jake nodded "By all means" He replied

Nikki turned the coffee mug in her hands, watching the coffee move inside the mug with each movement. "When I realised I had been assigned here I was hopeful... I mean..." she could feel a hint of colour in her cheeks. "I've been back at the bar for the last two nights, hoping I'd see you again. I really enjoyed being with you the other night," she said genuinely.

Jake smiled genuinely pleased to hear that "I'm sorry i didn't come back" He replied "Believe me I wanted to but i have spent the last 2 days going over this, I wasn't sure if offering you the post would seem improper and I have been over the regulations a number of times" He leaned back slightly "and well you could have said no"

"It's okay, you have plenty of time to make it up to me," Nikki said with a cheeky smile as she picked up her mug and sipped at the hot coffee again.

He nodded "Maybe you would like to join me for dinner tonight on the ship?" He asked "It won't be anything fancy and my quarters are a mess but your welcome to join me if you want?"

Nikki laughed. "Honestly I don't care about fancy or anything else, I'm just happy to spend time with you."

He smiled "Then tonight it is then. 1900 Deck 2 or would you like me to meet you at the airlock" Jake asked

"Deck 2 is fine, I'm sure I can find my way," Nikki replied with a smile. "What do you want me to bring?"

"Just you" He replied with a chuckle "Nothing else is needed" Jake stood up and walked around the desk towards her, he leaned forwards and gave her a gentle kiss "Now I really should get back to work" He whispered softly.

A rush of warmth ran through her as she pulled him in for one more soft kiss before letting go. "I'll see you tonight..." she replied quietly.

He smiled "Yes you will" He replied moving back round the otherside of the desk "Dismissed Lieutenant" He said returning to all business mode


Captain Jake Wilkinson
Commanding Officer
Uss Endurance

Lieutenant Nicolette De St Chevalier
Chief Security/Tactical Officer
USS Endurance


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