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Forget the safeties

Posted on Thu Mar 14th, 2019 @ 12:31am by Lieutenant Charlene Bridger & Captain Jake Wilkinson

Mission: A Journey to the Stars
Location: Main Engineering
Timeline: Day 7

Jake strode into main engineering with one purpose in mind and that was main power.

With the CEO and XO offship trying to buy them sometime to get things back online he wasn't about to waste one minute of this. Of course with this being a new ship and new crew he wasn't totally sure who was in charge in Engineering at this moment in time.

He walked towards the pool table in the centre of the room "Who's in charge" He called out looking around him.

"I am sir, Lt. Jason Miller, Assist. CEO, sir!", he said. "Can I help you Captain?", he said.

Jake nodded "Ok Lieutenant bring me up to speed wheres my main power?" He asked the frustration was clear on his voice, He had an away team on a hostile vessel with limited comms and no back up. He wanted main power back up in 10 minutes. He'd even take partial main power if it at least got them in some form of combat readiness.

"Sir, we should have partial main power up in about 8 minutes. We cold started the warp core and so far sjr os up to half power. We are still trying to get full main power online in say 28 minutes, god willing", Jason said nervously.

Jake sighed slightly "We don't have 28 minutes I need power back online now" He replied turning towards a control board and looking at readings "What if we overide the safeties and manual adjust flow rates?" He asked, he knew he wasn't the engineering expert like the crew down here but he knew that a certain starfleet engineer with a ship far more primitive then this had pulled off a similar feat and saved the ship.

"Well I guess we could overide the safeties and manually adjust the flow rate, but there would be no room for error", Jason said.

Jake nodded "Do it" He replied moving to the central station and entering his command code to override the safety protocols "There safety's overridden, start adjusting the flow rate increase in 5% intervals"

Jason increased the flow rate by 5% at 10 second intervals, watching the controls carefully for any discrepancies. "Oh shit hang on sir", he said as his hands flew across the control panel. "There its fixed, continuing with the increases", he added.

Jake monitored the power levels patiently waiting for the levels to reach high enough to bring the warp core online and start shunting power in to the main power grid. There was a risk of blowing out some eps taps but the risk was lower then going up against that unknown vessel on partial power, the power levels hit 35% which was enough to jump start the core "Thats the magic number" He said turning to glance at the younger officer "Bring the core online once the core hits 50% of maximum output open the power conduits and bring main power online" He turned back to his console "Once you've stabilised the power grid bring the core to full power"

"Understood sir,", Jason said, watching the power grid intently. He didn't need the power taps to blow out either, but the grid was powering up nicely.

Jake nodded "Once online I want the warp drive online ready for at least warp 4 in 15 minutes" He turned and started for the exit "Contact me on the bridge as soon as we can go to warp"

The power grid registered 75% ready so Jason engaged the warp core gradually. The core powered up more than he expected, as it registered that they could get warp 6 out without blowing anything out. That was fine by him, hitting his combadge. "Jason to Captain, I have good news, I can get you to warp 6", he said smiling.


Captain Jake Wilkinson
Commanding Officer
Uss Endurance

Lt. Jason Miller(NPC -Lynda)
Assistant CEO
USS Endurance


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