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Posted on Fri Mar 8th, 2019 @ 1:21am by Lieutenant Nicolette De St Chevalier & Captain Jake Wilkinson

Mission: Character Development
Location: Starbase Versailles
Timeline: 1 Week before launch

OOC: The following takes place 1 week before the ship leaves spacedock.

=/\= Starbase Versallies =/\=

After many hours of going over readiness reports and crew manifests Jake was looking forward to some downtime. Anything that involved a strong drink and maybe if he was lucky a pretty girl would do him the world of good right now.

He had forgotten just how stressful a new command could be and that was before they even got the spacedock doors.

He'd dropped by his quarters and changed into some civvies before heading towards the promenade and the first bar he had found and ordered himself a real ale and a shot of whiskey before finding a booth to sit in.

It was packed tonight which meant seating was at a premium.

Nikki had been on the base for nearly three weeks now. She had been supposed to report to her new assignment two weeks ago but the ship had been re-routed and her assignment details had been changed. She would be given new details... eventually... maybe... until then she was stuck on the base, just waiting.

Now tonight, she had been supposed to catch up with a new friend she had made since being on the base, but had since bailed on her, and now she was alone. Two or five drinks in, she wasn't entirely sure. But the music was good, the crowd was plentiful and it sure beat being alone in her quarters.

Holding her glass to her lips, about to take a sip, she cast a glance around the packed room before her gaze settled on one particular individual who was almost right next to her table. Male... oh so most definitely male, rather good looking, and clearly a little lost. "You can sit here if you want," she said, motioning for him join her at the booth she had been occupying by herself.

He smiled warmly and moved to the seat sitting down opposite the young woman, he couldn't help but notice how attractive she was and there was a glint in her eye, he wasn't sure what it was but he liked it.

"Thanks" He said as he sat and placed the drinks on the table "I'm Jake" He said leaning forward slightly so as to be heard over the music "Jake Wilkinson" He left out his rank, this maybe a Starfleet bar but sometime rank could get in the way.

"Nikki," she said with a grin. "I'd give you my full name, but..." she glanced at the two drinks he set on the table. "I'm not sure you'd be able to pronounce it." With a cheeky grin she picked up her own bright blue concoction, complete with the cherry sitting on the rim of the glass, and took a sip while watching him. She turned away, glancing around the crowded room. "It's crazy tonight, I've not seen it this busy yet. I would say maybe it's a full moon, but hey, we're in deep space and I don't think that applies," she said with a laugh.

Jake laughed and looked at her, a sense of humour as well as looks tonight may just be a good night after all, he thought as he lifts the pint glass of ale and took a large gulp of the brown liquid "Ahh" He let slip as he smiled "I have needed this all day" He looked at her and smiled "Sorry its been a very long and boring day"

"Oh, darlin, you'll get no complaint from me! I've been stuck on this Gods awful station for three weeks!" Nikki shot back with a shake of her head. "I was supposed to be reassigned to the USS Deveraux but they got redirected elsewhere, so now I'm homeless and stuck here waiting for Starfleet to decide what to do with me." She laughed and then shrugged slightly. "I suppose I should at least be grateful that they're paying for the drinks, right?" She said with a wink. "So what's your definition of boring?" She countered, essentially asking him what happened that made his day so unbearable.

Jake nodded slightly well aware of the Devaraux being reassigned, He'd been the one to recommend the reassignment to the Admiral. "My day has been nothing but paper work and assignment reviews quite frankly i've just about had it with paperwork, to top it off they reassigned the Chief Security Officer and I have no idea where I am going to find a replacement. But well at least the drinks are free" He agreed waving over a waiter "You want another babe?" He asked before he downed the shot of whiskey

"Sure, it's not like I have to get up in the morning and work," she said with a laugh. "Fruit tingle, extra cherries, and.. hell, I'll even go a shot of whiskey just to make you happy," she finished with a laugh, flicking her long hair back over her shoulder as she picked up her drink to finish it.

Jake nodded to the waiter "So those and another ale and shot of whiskey for me to please" He turned back to Nikki and smiled "So whats a pretty girl like you doing in Starfleet?" He asked.

"I came looking for knowledge, isn't that why we're all here?" she quipped, referring to the Starfleet Academy motto. "I'm meant to be a security officer, or at least that's what they told me when I graduated."

He nodded slightly taking the drinks from waiter and placing them on the table. He picked up the whiskey and held it out "To looking for knowledge" He said waiting for her to pick up the shot glass and clinking his before knocking it back before looking up at the waiter "You know what just bring the bloody bottle it'll save you a lot of time"

Jake turned back to Nikki "I don't now about you but I'm ready to let loose tonight" He laughed a little as he sipped his drink.

"Now I think that is something I would REALLY like to see," she said with a grin. "So, Jake, Jake Wilkinson, why are YOU in Starfleet? Or should we just not talk about work and find something else to talk about instead?"

He smiled "If you really must know i'm from a Starfleet family my Dad was an Admiral my mum a Captain, it was always on the cards for me to follow in the family tradition" He leaned forwards "Can I be honest with you?"

"Damn, with that kind of parentage I'd probably have become a monk in the Himalayas... but sure, you can tell me anything you want," Nikki replied, downing the shot of whiskey before she leaned in toward him.

He smiled slightly catching the smell of her perfume they were that close "I didn't want to join the fleet at first, I wanted to be a painter" He said lifting his hand to his mouth as he spoke gently into her ear. He purposely brushed his hand against her face feeling her smooth skin on his finger tips.

Nikki smiled, moving ever so slightly so she could whisper back in his ear, her lips brushing over his ear lobe as she moved. "I wanted to be a dancer," she replied, pulling away and holding a finger to her lips in a 'ssshhh' motion.

"And yet here we are, both with dreams as big as the stars, and now only the stars to keep us company... well, that and this bottle of whiskey," she said with a grin, picking up the bottle the waiter had just placed on the table next to them. "So what shall we toast to?"

He leaned forwards towards her motioning for her to lean in and whispered in her ear "How about us?" He asked before making his move and planting a soft kiss on her lips, wondering if he miss read things but figuring it was worth a shot.

Though taken slightly aback by his move, it was in no way rejected. In fact, her hand moved to the back of his neck, her fingers winding into his hair as she pulled him in closer. After a moment she pulled away and grinned. "Now that's a toast worth making," she said with a wink, uncapping the bottle and refilling both of their shot glasses.

Jake smiled warmly as he took a glass and raised it, the warmth of her lips still echoing on his "in that case to us" He said giving her a cheeky wink before clinking glasses and downing the shot "Now i have a question, you said your a Security officer right?"

Nikki downed her shot to match his, shuddering slightly at the bitter taste that burned her throat. "I am," she said with a sudden giggle. "Lieutenant Nicolette De St Chevalier...." her words broke off as she lapsed into another giggle. "Try saying that ten times real fast... or, you know, even once."

Jake smiled and nodded "Well Lieutenant Nikki" He was well on his way to being drunk to even attempt the surname "What if I said I could get you an assignment tomorrow as Chief Security and Tactical Officer of a Starship? You'd have to put up with me if you think you can cope with that?" He winked and smiled warmly

"Mmmm... I don't know... I mean... you're pretty hard to tolerate so far..." she said with a laugh, assuming he was either joking or upselling himself to make himself look better. Pushing the bottle across to him, she grinned cheekily. "I believe it's your turn to pour, Jake..." she said with deliberate emphasis on his name.

He laughed and picked up the bottle pouring out 2 more shots "I am deadly serious" He replied pulling out padd from his pocket with his spare hand and placing it on the table "All I need to do is make it official on this padd and the post of Chief Security and Tactical Officer of the Uss Endurance is yours" He leaned in drawing her close "I for one would certainly like to spend more time with you"

Nikki slid out of her side of the booth, moving the single step to his side before sliding in next to him, reaching across and picking up her shot glass and downing the single shot, any sense of propriety long since gone. "Next thing I know you'll be telling me you're the Captain or something," she said with a laugh, leaning in and hooking her hand behind his neck, pulling him toward her. "Rank doesn't impress me," she breathed softly into his ear. "I much prefer a man who knows how to keep up," her lips brushed across his ear lobe again.

He pulled away slightly so he could look her in the eyes and smiled a hint of amusement showing "I am the Captain" He said raising a hand up to the back of her neck and pulling her in as he softly kissed her again his other hand following the curve of her spine.

She shivered ever so slightly as his fingers traveled down her back. "Let's not talk about work," she said softly, not believing him for a moment. He certainly wouldn't have been the first fly boy to come along that had used the line of being a Captain to lure her in. Leaning in and brushing her lips against his, her tongue flicking ever so lightly against his lips.

He leaned it savouring the taste of her lips on his before leaning back and picking up his drink and taking a sip "So what shall we do then" He asked.

"I guess that depends on what you have in mind," Nikki replied with a grin, reaching across the table for her bright blue cocktail. "I mean, we're on a starbase, our options are pretty limitless. We can do pretty much anything our hearts desire," she watched him over the rim of her glass. "The choice is ours."

Jake smiled "I'm a strong believer in ladies choice" He grinned bringing the ale to his lips and finishing it.

Finishing her drink, Nikki set the empty glass down on the table and slid out of the booth, standing uneasily on heels that, given how much she had had to drink were likely a really bad idea in hindsight.

Smoothing the front of her skirt, she turned slightly, flicking her hair back over her shoulder and tilting her head to one side slightly. "Well?"

He slid out of the booth and offered her an arm "Lead on" He said smiling with no clue where they were going.

Leaning into him mainly to steady herself, she started walking toward the exit. Once they were clear of the lounge, Nikki glanced up at him and laughed. "So do you blindly follow all girls around the station?" she asked teasingly.

He laughed "I can honestly say this is a first" he replied truthfully, He was not a James T Kirk bedding everyone thing in a skirt that he encountered. They continued walking and passed by the large glass window of the spacedock area. From the window he could see the Endurance moored up, her nacelles were dark as she was currently running off station power. "There she is" He smiled warmly looking at the great ship.

"You know, you're convincing, I'd almost believe you really were the Captain," she teased, moving so she was standing between him and the window, her hands moving slowly along his chest, easily able to feel the muscles beneath the fabric of his shirt as she looked up at him questioningly. "So are we going to stand here all night? Because, you know, my quarters is just up the way and the view in there isn't entirely bad either..."

Jake smiled and leaned in gently kissing her one more time. "In that case lead the way" He replied.


Captain Jake Wilkinson
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USS Endurance

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