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Slow them down - Part 1

Posted on Sat Mar 9th, 2019 @ 5:21pm by Lieutenant Nicolette De St Chevalier & Captain Jake Wilkinson & Commander Crystal Verrill & Lieutenant Commander Richelle Soranson & Lieutenant Hetara

Mission: A Journey to the Stars
Location: Shuttlebay


Crystal walked into the armory of the shuttlebay, looking around to see if anyone else was here. No on was yet to arrive, so she walked over to the armory console and put in her access codes. She selected a combat knife, Type II Phaser Sidearm, and Type 33 CQC Phaser Rifle. She placed the Knife and Sidearm into their holsters, and slung the Rifle over her back. She then waited patiently for the others to arrive.

Before making her way down to the shuttle bay, Nikki stopped via sickbay to make sure Lieutenant Hetara was aware of their situation. Given the uncertainty of the away mission, not having unnecessary bodies at risk was preferential, but she still wanted medical monitoring their situation closely.

"Lieutenant," Hetara hailed her as soon as she came in. "I have biosigns monitoring set up with automatic transport recall if anything drops to critical levels." She indicated the various the scan lines on the screen. "If signals weaken due to interference, you'll get a comm warning but unless you countermand it, I intend to recommended immediate transport to avoid the risk of losing transport integrity."

Richelle had just finished getting engineering straightened out when she got the call. Well for her this was something different and a challenge that she would accept openly. Of course she was no marine but she damn well could hold her own in a fight. Besides she guessed the other reason she was chosen was simply the might need her skills.

Walking into the shuttle bay and over to the armory and selected a phase pistol, phase rifle, and some stun grenades for extra measure. Already armed with her favorite knife she approached Crystal. "Ah....have you got any idea what and where and why we got the call?", she asked.

"Lieutenant De St Chevalier will be along shortly to explain everything Commander. Good to have you with us though. I presume the Doctor has cleared you for this, considering your recent...injury?" She asked.

"Yes, I have been cleared for duty by Dr. Hertara. I still am wondering about my being here", Richelle said. Could it habe to do that she was half Betazoid and could use her abilities in a limited fashion? Richelle"s head was clouded in mystery.

"You're here because there's this crazy theory you might know your way around engineering systems," Nikki quipped as she stepped into the shuttle bay armory. "So I'm going to put you on Commander Verrill's team." She glanced around at the small gathering, then turned her steady gaze to the doors as two more crew members stepped in to join the party. Forgive me, I haven't learned faces yet, just names, so if y'all could be so kind as to let me know who we have here I can work out if we're still waiting on anyone."

Having just entered the room, Phil walked over to the weapons cabinet and took out a Hand Phaser and a Phaser Rifle. He turned around, listening to what the Lieutenant said. "Ensign Philip Lothbrok, Security Officer, reporting as requested ma'am." He took a step back and leant against the bulkhead.

Entering the shuttle bay two steps behind Phil, Scarlette retrieved a phase rifle, checking it to make sure it was not faulty before flicking the safety back on and slinging it over her shoulder. "Ensign Scarlette Morana, reporting as ordered Lieutenant," she said with an easy smile as she turned nad stood firm, feet shoulder width apart, hands clasped firmly behind her face, gaze attentively focused on Nikki.

"Right," she cast a quick gaze over the small gathering to assess their weapons. Satisfied that everyone was sufficiently armed, at least for the moment, she moved across to the display panel on the wall next to the weapons locker, pulling up the basic sensor data she had been able to retrieve. "We're going to transport directly across to the other ship. We will be using transporters from the shutte and sensors from the shuttle. That's why Lieutenant Matthews is here," she said, nodding toward the shuttle where the operations officer had silently emerged. "He will be maintaning a transporter lock on our comm badge frequencies so we can be transported back at a moments notice. This is our initial destination," she said, pointing to one small section toward the rear of the vessel. "If I'm correct this is our best bet at transporting in relatively unnoticed. The proximity to what looks like the propulsion systems should help to shield our arrival especially while they are operating at less than optimum capability. Our goal is to disable the alien vessel using what ever means necessary."

Nikki paused momentarily, casting a gaze around the small group. She knew none of these people, she knew nothing about their beliefs or anything else, so she had no idea how this was going to be received. "The Captain has authorised the use of any force necessary in order for this to be successful. If you don't feel that you can do what ever is necessary, now is the time to put your hand up, put your weapons back and walk away." She glanced around, waiting to see if anyone was going to be leaving.

Satisfied that no one was going to be walkingout, Nikki conintued.
"Right, that settles it." She deactivated the console and looked back across at Lieutenant Matthews. "Are my special orders ready?" she asked.

With a nod, Lieutenant Matthews stepped back into the shuttle, retrieving two small carryalls, setting them at Nikki's feet. "Exactly as requested Lieutenant."

Picking one up, she used her knee to support the carryall, opening it and checking the contents. Closing it again, she held it toward Commander Verrill. "I'll leave this one in your control." Catching the curious expresions of basically every other person there, she gave a vague smile. "micro booms." she said quietly. "Our plan is going to be to disable the ship with small, specifically targetted explosives in the propulsion and engineering systems, which is where you will come in Commander Soranson. Once we get onto the alien vessel you're going to have a few minutes to determine as best you can with your tricorder where these explosives will need to be deployed. Between Commander Verrill and I we will be carrying eight booms, four to target propulsion and engineering and four to disable weapons. We do not want to destroy the whole ship, we just want to disable it enough that we can make sure we have the upper hand. Ensign Lothbrook and Ensign Morana, it's up to you to make sure that the booms get deployed no matter what. Understood?"

Scarlette nodded slightly. "Understood Lieutenant," she said calmly.

Philip gave a slight, almost imperceptible nod. "Make sure things that go boom get it." He said, smiling slightly.

Nikki reached up and tapped her commbadge lightly, waiting for it to chirp before she spoke. "Away team to Lieutenant Hetara. Lieutenant, do you have everything set up and ready to go?" she asked calmly. "Do you need anything from us before we transport out?"

"All signals clear on my end, away team," the doctor replied. "Just keep yourselves in one piece, okay?"

"Alright, stand buy for transport," Nikki ordered, nodding for Matthews to return to the shuttle.


Jake tried to keep his concern from being displayed as he hunched over the engineering console, his eyes scanned the read outs, thankfully auxiliary power had been restored and they were able to manoeuvre and with that sensors were back online. The source of his concern was the increased power readings from the alien vessel, he straightened up and turned to look at the view screen.

Reaching for his comm badge pinned to his tunic he spoke calmly "Bridge to shuttlebay Commander Verrill, Lieutenant De St Chevlier are your teams ready?" He asked making a mental note that he needed a nickname for De st Chavalier as it was a bit of a mouthful in times or urgency.

"Ready to depart on your orders Captain," Nikki replied, her voice much calmer than she had expected it to be. "The team is armed and ready, sickbay is standing by and operations has the shuttle powered up and ready to go on your say so."

"For information Captain, we are now only taking one shuttle. We feel that would be better, as one shuttle will be harder to detect." Crystal said, looking around at the assembled crew.

The Captain nodded to himself "Agreed Commander, you are clear to launch, we have limited thruster control here and partial impulse power we will do what we can to cover your approach but don't expect us to be of much use until main power is online" He looked at the latest report from engineering "Which will be at least another 30 minutes, Get me those 30 minutes Commander and good luck bridge out" He tapped his comm badge closing the channel and moved to sit down trying to not show the concerns he was feeling.


Captain Jake Wilkinson
Commanding Officer
USS Endurance

Commander Crystal Verrill
Executive Officer
USS Endurance

Lieutenant Commander Richelle Soranson
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USS Endurance

Lieutenant Hetara
Chief Medical Officer
USS Endurance

Lieutenant Nicolette De St Chevalier
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Ensign Phillip Lothbrook
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Ensign Scarlette Morana
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