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Second time's a charm

Posted on Fri Mar 8th, 2019 @ 9:13pm by Lieutenant JG Graham Soccul PhD & Lieutenant Nicolette De St Chevalier

Mission: A Journey to the Stars
Location: Lounge
Timeline: Current

It had been a long day. Even the word long didn't seem long enough to adequately describe how her afternoon had dragged, slowly and painfully. Getting back to her quarters had been a welcome relief, as had been the long, hot shower that soothed her aching muscles, but now she welcomed the noise and chaos that came with having other people around. Getting a glass of wine from the bar, she picked a table next to a view port and sank gratefully into the comfortable seat, staring at the stars while she sipped at her wine.

Graham entered the lounge exhausted and worn out, his uniform less than tidy and his hair messed up from an obviously hard days labour... He decided he would take the seat opposite to a familiar face with his drink of liqueur, he sipped slightly before walking over to the familiar face he had noted on his walk in, "Seat taken?" he asked, with a slight curl of his lips forming a smile he tried to hide.

Graham looked rough, he had worn clothing and it was stained from the days work... "I apologise for looking rough, one hell of a day and I wanted a drink before returning to my quarters..."

Nikki laughed, motioning for him to sit. "I had the opposite, I got to my quarters and then decided I needed a drink." She shook her head before realising that that particular movement made her neck and the base of her skull hurt, wincing slightly. "That good of a day huh?"

He chuckled, taking a seat as he replied “oh, you know... Plasma burns here, shrapnel wounds there... except in the tens... or hundreds” he chuckled further. Taking a sip from his drink, as he relaxed into his seat.

“What’s your plans for now then?” He asked curiously.

"This glass of wine, then maybe another glass of wine..." she glanced up as the grazing platter she had ordered earlier was placed on the table in front of her. "Something to snack on..." she smiled, motioning for him to help himself. "At this point, now that I've sat down, I don't think I want to walk all the way back to my quarters." She laughed at her own laziness. "How about you? Got an exciting evening planned?"

“Drink, sleep, work and repeat. It’s chaotic in sick bay... you wouldn’t believe it...” he sighed, “I doubt I’ll be having an easy day anytime soon...”, he sighed.

Nikki smirked. "Oh, I can't even begin to imagine," she replied reservedly. "I'm sure it's chaotic and non stop." She picked up her wine glass again, swirling the pale liquid within around in the glass before she took a sip.

“Yeah, that’s one way to put it” he chuckled, before continuing “how about yourself? How’s work for yourself?” He questioned before realising his drink was now empty, he picked up his glass and tilted it towards him.. “oh, looks like I’m empty... I need to get another” he chucked...

Finishing the last of the wine in her glass, Nikki handed it across to him, "While you're up," she said with a grin. "Ice wine please if you don't mind?"

He nodded, smiled and took the glass from Nikki as he turned and walked towards the ever-busier bar. He ordered a disarano and coke, with an Ice wine, as the bartender handed over the drinks to Graham he span with a spring in his twirl walking back to the table he was sat at, "You know it's so nice to just be able to relax and chill and take a breather away from the job..." he said as he sat back down and placed both drinks on the table.

Picking up her glass, she took a sip and sighed, leaning back in her chair, casting a quick glance at the view port again. "Oh believe me, you're preachin' to the choir there! I think right now, the only thing better than just sitting here and enjoying good food, good wine and good company would be a full body massage with hot stone treatment, a mani-pedi and then a week of sleep!"

“Isn’t that’s why we have holodecks” he chuckled, ever so slightly intoxicated by the alcohol he had consumed. “I don’t see how anyone could drink the alcohol free stuff... bad for morale I say!” He rambled with no purpose. He picked up his drink and took a sip, “Ahh, that’s the good stuff.” He smiled as he looked out the view port.

Nikki raised an eyebrow slightly, "Holodecks have a time and a place, but the real thing is always better. You all good there Doc?" she asked curiously, concerned by the fact that he already seemed inebriated after what, at least from her perspective, was just one drink. "Do you want a glass of water?"

"I'm fine, I'm gonna go to bed and get some sleep... I think..." he looked at his drink still half full, continuing "actually, I've still got a bit left here..." he chuckled. "How are you anyway?" he asked, curiously...

"I'm doin' just grand. Come on, how about we take these drinks to go and I'll walk you back to your quarters," she said gently. "Just to make sure you don't get lost again," she smiled. "You know, it is a big ship and all."

Graham chuckled. “That sounds a great idea actually, as long as you don’t barge at me that is...” he said amongst his laughter... He got up, grabbed his drink and offered his hand to Nikki, assisting her from her seat.

"Me? Barge at you?!" Nikki countered with mock contempt. "Last time I checked YOU were the one that was wandering around the ship without paying any attention to your surroundings," she said with a laugh, taking his hand to stand up. "So as long as you keep your eyes where they should be we'll be just fine."

"Hey hey hey, don't be blaming me... you were running like an elephant on a mission... You were like a mini-battering ram. " he chuckled, "Running with your headphones on with, what was it you said? You was hoping your ex would feel the pain of ten thousand painful deaths?" he chuckled more as he walked to the exit with Nikki.

Nikki laughed suddenly. "And if you hadn't gotten lost on your first day on the ship you would never have been in that junction wandering aimlessly for me to run into," she shot back, unable to keep the laughter from her voice. "So it's still back on you," she shook her head as they walked out of the lounge, heading back toward his quarters. "Now do you know where you're going this time or do I need to give you directions again?" she teased lightly.

"Directions please, me love" he said in a gestful old style british accent. As he stumbled down the corridor. He thanked Nikki for her custom and assistance in getting him back to his room. He stumbled like a typical drunken person with jelly as legs.

"Feel free to come in for a drink?" he asked, inquisitively.

Slipping an arm silently around his waist for support, Nikki guided him through the ship to his quarters, though in hindsight a site to site transport probably would have been much simpler. "How about I get you a coffee?" she asked gently. "And maybe something to eat... lots of carbs to soak up that alcohol..."

He nodded, "That sounds like a wonderful idea actually, as long as you'll take a seat and have a bite to eat too?" he hiccuped, "I'm sorry, I've just had a really bad day today and I just wanted a little release aha.."

"It's okay, these things happen," she said with a gentle smile. "If I said I'd never gotten drunk after a bad day I'd be a liar." Using her security override to access his quarters, she guided him inside and helped to settle him into a chair at the table. "Okay, one coffee and something to eat coming right up."

Moving across to the replicator, she ordered a strong, black, sweet coffee, two bowls of her special order pasta and a tall glass of water for herself, carrying everything back to the table and setting them down before sliding into the seat next to him. "Eat up," she said warmly. "It'll make you feel better."

He began eating away at the food prepared for him, "Hmm, this is amazing!" he stated, waffling down some more of the food prepared for him. "Where did you learn about this?" he questioned.

"When I was at the Academy," Nikki said with a smile. "I don't like replicator food much at the best of times and I found most of the recipes they used were just plain and dull so I decided to start programming my own recipes to 'spice things up a bit' so to speak. "My grandmother was an amazing cook, she used to be able to take the most fundamental ingredients and turn them into the most amazing delicacies and she did it all from scratch. She hated replicators, said they took the 'heart' out of food. "I spent a lot of time with her when I was little, my parents were always away for various reasons but Ma'mere was never too busy."

“That’s too adorable, but she’s right! Replicators do take the heart out of cooking. I used to loved mam’s old food. She always knew what food would make me feel better when I was upset as a kid... now, I get replicated food that tastes like seasoned cardboard at times, other times it tastes decent...” he sighed, giving a quirky chuckle. Graham was obviously reminiscing about his past. “We’re your parents Starfleet officers too?”

Nikki fell silent for a moment, picking up her fork and stabbing randomly at some pasta before putting it in her mouth, chewing simply so she wouldn't have to speak for a moment. "My father was a civilian xenobiologist," she finally said quietly.

"He worked with Starfleet regularly, not not exclusively. He also worked with the Vulcan's, the Klingon's, the Bajoran's and anyone else who required his assistance. He even worked with the Cardassian's a few times. My mother... well, I'm not really sure what she did. She was just never around a lot. Ma'mere was always there though."

She shrugged slightly and set the fork down, picking up her water glass. "What about your family?" she finally asked quietly.

“Well, my mum was a chef and my father a diplomat. I didn’t really see my father much and my mother kept it a secret as to what he was doing... other than that I’m not too sure” he said, taking another bite from his food.

"It's hard when your parents aren't around when you're a kid," Nikki said with a shrug. "That was one of the reasons I delayed having any, I didn't want to be the Mom who was never around. The fact that my ex was a complete jackass made it easier," she said with a laugh. "But seriously, your Mom was a chef? that's kind of awesome, you must have had some amazing foods growing up!"

"Well, sort of... Because she was such a good chef, she'd always be out for some where cooking or teaching or what ever it was she did, and as such I had a nanny a lot of the time.. I think I'm gonna head off to bed though" Graham sighed, looking down at his drink in obvious despair. He took the last swig of the cup and placed it back down on the table as he relaxed into his chair.

Sliding out of her seat, Nikki took the plates and cups and carried them back to the replicator. "Well, I'll leave you be then. Get some sleep, I have a feeling you need it," she said with a smile.


Dr. Graham Soccull
USS Endurance

Lieutenant Nicolette De St Chevalier
Chief Security/Tactical Officer
USS Endurance


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