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Setting Plans

Posted on Wed Feb 27th, 2019 @ 11:38am by Commander Crystal Verrill & Lieutenant Nicolette De St Chevalier

Mission: A Journey to the Stars
Location: Security Office

Crystal had finished helping in sickbay, and had received a message from the CO to make a boarding party to try and slow the other ships recovery down. Her stop was with the Security Chief in his office. She expected he'd have been busy with the high workload on the ship. She walked upto the office door, rang the bell, and waited.

Nikki had an array of PADD's spread across the desk in front of her, staring intently at the one she held in her hand until the chime of the annunciator startled her. "Enter," she called distractedly, returning to biting her bottom lip as she scanned yet another schematic. Glancing up, she found herself staring at the ship's first officer. Almost instantly she dropped the PADD on her desk, jumping to her feet. "Sorry Commander, I didn't realize it was you, my apologies."

"At ease Lieutenant. I'm here to make a proposition." Crystal said, smiling slightly at the Lieutenant. "I'm sure you have some idea what i'm here for...and it seems you're already working on a plan." She said, looking at the PADD's spread across the desk.

"I'm assuming you're here about the boarding party?" Nikki asked, sinking back down into her seat, offering the opposite chair the desk to Crystal.

"After speaking with the Captain, I'm thinking our best bet to make the most impact is to split the boarding party into two. Simultaneously take two parts of the ship, go in, do our thing and get out. If we code our commbadges with specific signatures so instead of tracking multiple bio signatures it will make it easier for ops to get us out in a hurry if we need to." Her hand hovered over the PADD's for a moment, trying to determine which one she wanted. Finally, plucking one out of the stack, she thumbed it to gain access and pulled up what looked like a very basic schematic. "I used one of the shuttles earlier and ran a couple of very preliminary scans of the alien ship and I think I've found a couple of likely points to transport in that should provide easy access to the rest of the ship, or at least to targeted areas. I'm thinking if we specifically target their weapons arrays and their propulsions systems from the inside. We don't need to be near any heavily populated areas to do that. We should be able to go in, do what we need to do and get out quickly."

Grabbing another PADD, Nikki pulled up a small list of crew members. "Assuming you'll be leading the second team, I think this is the likely teams we're going to want, I've hand picked the security officers that I think are best suited in terms of combat skill set. I've also pulled a couple of Engineers that are proficient in hand to hand as well as micro explosives and I've asked for two operations officers, one in each of the two shuttles so each team is independently trackable for quick transport if needed."

Crystal nodded at the plan. "I was planning to lead a team, yes. It is a good plan. I think it might also be worth taking along a Medical Officer for each team. Obviously we don't yet know who these aliens are, or what handheld weaponry they have. If things go downhill fast, we may need to treat our own with more advanced skills. I believe the Chief Medical Officer would be a better option. I had a meeting with her not to long ago and she said herself she didn't mind taking lives to protect others. Anything else I should know?" She asked, looking over the PADD's offered to her.

"I contemplated taking medical officers," Nikki replied quietly. "I think my concern there is that I just don't want us to be held back by someone who may not be able to keep up. The Captain has already sanctioned the use of extreme force if necessary, what ever we need to do to buy time for the Endurance to get back online first." She paused, almost as though she were contemplating over her words. "At short notice I'm not sure how confident I would be taking tag alongs on a mission with this much potential to be life threatening. That said, I'm more than happy to defer to your judgement in this."

"Alternatively, if we can get a good transporter lock from the shuttles, then the Medical Officers could standby on the Shuttles with the Ops Officer, and any injured are beamed straight back to the shuttle. That would probably be a better option considering the likelihood of contact. How long till you can finish up a write up of the plan for the CO?" She asked.

With a quick grin, Nikki picked up another PADD and handed it across to the first officer. "I've already finished," she said easily. "If you want to read it through and sign off on it, I can submit it right now and we can be ready to leave within the quarter hour."

Crystal nodded. "Let's do it." She signed the PADD and handed it back. "Lets have everyone meet in the shuttlebay in fifteen minutes." Crystal said, smiling back.

Submitting the report to the Captain, Nikki set the PADD down. "Done," she said quietly. "I'll round the troops up now and start getting everyone fitted out. If there's nothing else Commander, I'll meet you in the shuttle bay in fifteen minutes."

Crystal nodded and left. "Meet in the Shuttlebay Armoury, we'll need to arm up first." She said as she walked out.


Commander Crystal Verrill
Executive Officer
USS Endurance


Lieutenant JG Nicolette De St Chevalier
Chief Security/Tactical Officer
USS Endurance


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