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Routine Patrol

Posted on Mon Oct 22nd, 2018 @ 7:48pm by Captain Jake Wilkinson

Mission: A Journey to the Stars
Location: Tarkoin Patrol Ship Avak

-35.6 Thousand Light Years from Federation Space-

"Covek Nearan" Licator Tral called out from his post at the ship navigation console "Enemy vessel is navigating an escape vector"

Nearan leaned forwards in his command chair "Set a course to block them" He replied as he turned to his Tactical Chief behind him "Kill them" He hissed through his teeth.

The enemy would not escape them not this time.

The war between his people and the Jiktan had waged on for close to 50sect (years) and had devastated both cultures, Art and literature were a thing of the past as both their races had switched gears to one goal total annihilation of the other.

Nearan watched his monitor as they edge closer and closer almost on top of the enemy ship "Fire" He roared

On the monitor he was the missiles launch out at the enemy ship, it took a moment for the onboard guidance system to lock on.

The enemy ship launched its countermeasures but it was too late for the smaller craft.

The missiles arched forwards closer and closer to the target the first struck on the port engine pod and exploded, The pod was heavily damaged and broke off from the strut and tumbled through space away from the ship. The second missile struck the centre mass causing a massive hull breach and the ship lights started to blink out as the cascading power failure through out the ship rendered it dead in space.

Back on the Avak, Covak Nearan leaned back in his chair a cheer of victory spread across his command centre

"Shall I destroy them" The Tactical Chief asked from behind him

Nearan rubbed chin for a moment "NO let them die slowly dead in space " He grinned "Let them feel the fear as death greets them"

He looked over at Navigation "Take us home for resupply and then we shall resume our patrol"

-End Log-


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