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A Visit to Sickbay

Posted on Wed Jan 2nd, 2019 @ 12:51am by Lieutenant Commander Richelle Soranson & Ensign Eska MD

Mission: A Journey to the Stars
Location: Sickbay


Richelle was apprehensive about doctors but she knew it had to be done soon. New ship and new procedures required her to report to sickbay for her physical. Putting Sky's standing pad on her shoulder, she motioned for him to step on to her shoulder and both went off down the corridor headed for the lift. By now most of the crew had gotten used to seeing them together and it was like he was part of the crew. He had even made friends with a number of the other crewmembers as well. While in the lift she projected to him ~~~Behave yourself in sickbay. The doctor doesn't know about you yet.~~~ Sky nodded his head up and down acknowledging her as they walked into sickbay together.

"Um...Doctor Eska are you here?", she said gingerly.

A 5 foot tall gray skinned woman walked into the room. "'es?" Eska stated in Novan. "Sorry." She said slowly. "How can I help you?"

"I am reporting for my physical exam as per procedural orders", Richelle said, looking at the doctor. "It is my understanding that for all new personnel that report aboard for the first time, they are required to report to sick bay", she stated.

"'kay." She said. "Have a seat on the biobed, sir, and what is your name?" Eska asked slowly.

"My name is Lt. Cmdr. Richelle Sorenson, Dr. Eska. This is my companion bird Sky", Richelle said calmly.

Eska eyed the bird as it kind of scared her, because it was a creature that flew. "A.... any... 'ring tell wish?" She cleared her throat. "Anything change sense your last physical?" She said slowly, keeping a weary eye on the bird.

Richelle could sense the apprehension in the doctor and smiled at her. "No need to be scared, Sky is not going to leave my shoulder. He will stay put until I order him to move. He is my companion bird, no more and no less, and is quite friendly Dr. Eska. As for any change since my last physical, no", she said, smiling.

Eska eyes the bird again before turning her attention to the tricorder that she picked up. "Use not to things fly." She said as a Novan would. She sighed heavily. "Sorry, I'm still not comfortable with the open sky and the animals that fly in it." She said with her eyes locked on the tricorder and as she started her scan.

"If you want, I can have him transported back to our quarters if it would make you feel more at ease Dr. Eska. Rianna watched Dr. Eska as she continued her scans, ever mindful of the doctor's fear of Sky and made a note of it.

"Adapt, I need." Eska said flatly as her brow grew close together. She still couldn't bring herself to look at the bird.

"Dr. Eska are you sure about adapting, some never do get accustomed to Sky being around. I do apologize again. Next time I will leave him in quarters", Richelle said. "So, how do you find my scans...acceptable?", she added.

"Must, I do." Eska said flatly. "I first from my people to be on skyship in long memories." She stated. "My people live in underside."

" mean...underground caverns? Why Dr. Eska? Was there a catastrophe on the surface which made you move to the caverns? I can't imagine you living like that. It must have been hard to adapt to living in the caverns, but you did. And now you are here once again above the worlds", Richelle said. Sky, sitting quietly stood and stretched his wings for a brief moment before he settled back down, projected to Richelle~~~She is a brave species of her people. I approve of her friendship~~~Richelle turned her head and looked at Sky, ~~~Yes she is a very brave person having to adapt~~~ "Dr. Eska I take it that you....well....let me put it this way, would you mind showing me your home world before you went to the underside? I am intrigued and interested as well as fascinated to see your world", she said, watching the doctor work.

Eska only stared at the tricorder in her hands. "I Novan. Federation calls world Terra Nova." She said looking up at the woman and bird as it stretched it wings, which caused her to take a step back. "Long memories tell us that we lived in underside sense before Ent'rise and Arc’her."

"Really! My goodness....I studied their history in my academy days. Captain Archer was a man that was motivated and eager to explore space", she said. This put Richelle wondering about this world that was called Terra Nova. It facinated her to the point that...."I would love to see your and we can do that on the holodeck. Would you.....can you actually remember the parameters for the computer to recreate your world?", she said, looking for a reaction from Eska.

"'Es." Eska said. "I..." She started to fidget with the tricorder. "I have recordings of the Ent'rise tunnels." She spoke slowly. "I haven't viewed them in years." She said in her slow speak.

"Well then maybe we can meet after shift and go to the holodeck and recreate your planet. It mignt just be an uplifting experience not only for you, but it would give me a chance to see your world up close and personal", Richelle said gently.

Eska gave a small smile. "'kay." She said then looked down at the ticorder in her hands. "You're fit for duty." She said in her slow speech.

Patting Sky gently on his head, "Thankyou doctor and I am looking forward to our next meeting, possibly with your holodeck recreation", she said, sliding off the bio bed.


Lt. Cmdr. Richelle Soranson
Chief Engineering Officer
USS Endurance

Ensign Eska MAD
Medical Officer
USS Endurance


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