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New Assignment

Posted on Thu Sep 27th, 2018 @ 9:53am by Chief Petty Officer Duncan Heyward

Mission: A Journey to the Stars
Location: Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth
Timeline: Current

Chief Petty Officer Duncan Heyward walked into the Admiral's office, a mug of coffee in hand. It was the start of a normal day, or at least, a normal day as far as he was concerned.

He had just dropped his four year old son off at daycare, after making sure Wyatt had eaten breakfast and was properly dressed. Being a single dad was the toughest job he'd ever had, and he'd had some tough ones in his career.

For the moment, he was a bit nervous. When he'd arrived at work, there had been a message from Rear Admiral Shaw, who was in charge of the Security School at the Academy, for him to report to him immediately. Not that he was in trouble, but an Admiral troubling himself with a Chief was unusual to say the least.

Duncan approached the desk outside of the office, where a young yeoman sat.

"Morning. I'm Chief Heyward. Admiral Shaw wanted to see me. " he said to the PO3.

"Yes, Chief, you can go on in. He's expecting you. " the petty officer responded.

"Thanks. " said Duncan. The petty officer tapped a button on the desk.

"Sir, Chief Heyward is here. " she said.

"Send him in. " Duncan heard the Admiral respond. The door to the office opened and Duncan walked in. He saw that Admiral Shaw wasn't the only one in the office. Commander Travis Austin, the liaison to Starfleet Special Operations, was also there. This didn't bode well, and Duncan suddenly had a funny feeling in his stomach.

"Chief Heyward, reporting as ordered, sir. " he said.

"At ease, Chief. You're not in trouble. " said Shaw. Austin chuckled.

"I'd offer you some coffee, but I see you brought your own. So let's get to it. You've recently requested a transfer to starship duty. Is there a problem? " asked Austin.

"No sir. As you both know, my son and I recently lost his mother. In light of that, I wanted to get us both out of here for a while. A fresh start, if you will. " said Duncan. Shaw nodded, seemingly understanding. Austin said nothing. Duncan knew why; Austin normally played all his cards close to the chest. Typical SpecOps.

"It's been a little over a year, Chief. Is there a reason you've waited this long? " asked Shaw.

"It took me a while to come to the decision, sir. I love it here. Training cadets is a great thing to do, especially when I teach them in the field. It's just that I don't get to spend enough time with my son, and right now, he needs me more. " said Duncan.

"Are you sure that this is what you want to do? " asked Austin.

"I don't want to leave Special Operations, sir. But I have to put my son first. " Duncan answered. Austin nodded.

"I've secured an assignment for you, Chief. The USS Endurance. Right now she's docked at Starbase Versailles, undergoing final refit for a new exploratory mission. You'll be NCOIC of the ship's security force. Can you pilot a runabout? " asked Shaw.

"Chief Heyward is one of the best operators I've ever seen, sir. If it's got engines, he can fly it. " Austin answered. Shaw nodded.

"I've authorized you to take the runabout USS Hudson to Versailles. Your orders have already been cut. " said Shaw.

"Thank you, sir. " said Duncan.

"Don't get too comfortable, Chief. We're sending you out there to work. That being said, we may call on you from time to time for a special mission, with the knowledge of your captain, of course. I know Captain Wilkinson, he's a fine officer. His pet peeve is trusting those serving with him. Don't try to keep him in the dark or pull one over on him. " said Shaw.

"I don't intend to, sir. But I can't just up and leave my son. " said Duncan.

"This situation will likely never come up. But if it does, I'll make arrangements to see that Wyatt is taken care of. You have my word on that. " said Austin. Duncan nodded. If anything happened to him, Wyatt would be sent to his parents. His fiancee, Lianne, had had no family when she died. So Duncan's parents would raise him. Duncan wasn't worried about that. He wasn't a braggart, but if the Romulans and the Jem'Hadar couldn't kill him, he was pretty safe.

"Well, Chief, you're a hell of a combat instructor, and I hate to lose you, but I understand why you feel you have to leave. As of this moment, you are relieved of your duties pending reassignment. Better get home and start packing. " said Shaw. He stood and offered his hand. "Good luck, Chief. "

Duncan shook his hand, then Austin's, and headed out the Admiral's door.


Heyward, Duncan

Chief Petty Officer
USS Endurance.


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