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Getting Underway

Posted on Sun Oct 14th, 2018 @ 6:24pm by Captain Jake Wilkinson & Commander Crystal Verrill & Lieutenant Commander Richelle Soranson & Lieutenant Hetara

Mission: A Journey to the Stars
Location: Bridge
Timeline: Day 5

Jake stepped out of his readyroom, it was hard believe 5 days had passed since meeting with his senior staff for the first time.

The days had flown by as preparations had been made for the launch, Command had seen fit bring forward the launch date, much to Jakes disagreement.

Apparently the brass were eager to put the new engine to work with it being a prototype the results of the test would dictate if mass production would begin or if the system was sent back to the development team for further work.

Jake just hoped everything worked as it was supposed to.

Looking around he was pleased to see the entire senior staff gathered for this moment, His XO stood from the centre chair and move to the XO's station to his right.

He nodded and smiled "Commander are we ready?"

Crystal nodded. "I believe we are Captain." She said, smiling.

Jake nodded as he moved towards his Chair and with smile he sat down getting comfortable, He swivelled the chair round and looked at the Soranson stood at the engineering station behind him "Commander Soranson are the engineers ready for departure"

Hearing the captain, "Yes sir warp drive and impulse are at your disposal. The spore is not available at the current moment", Richelle said.

Jake turned back to front and looked at his XO before standing up and walking to the front of the bridge and standing between the helm and navigation stations. He turned to face the senior officers gathered at various stations

"Today, we open up a new frontier of exploration" He smiled "Each and every one of you have been chosen because you are the best in your fields and where we will be going that expertise will pushed to its limits as we explore further out then any Starship in Federation history" He took a few steps forward "But first we need to test a few things" Jake walked back to his chair "All departments statusi report" He called out as he sat down

Despite being on the bridge rather than at usual station in medbay (she'd opted to exercise her option as CMO to be on the bridge for the launch - rank ought to have some privileges after all), Hetara was confident in a crisp reply of "Medical is ready, sir."

"Engineering is ready sir...except for the spore drive", Richelle said.

Jake nodded "Excellent, Soranson" He said turning towards the engineer "Disengage all external power and bring main power online" He turned to the helm "Helm disengage umbilical's once we are on internal power and bring the impulse drive online take us out slow 2 tenths impulse power"

"External power lines now disengaged, ship is now on internal power", Soranson said, smiling.

Jake looked at Verrill "You ready Commander?"

Crystal had a quick look around the bridge at all the expectant faces. "I suppose we're as ready as we'll ever be Captain." She said, smiling.

Jake nodded and with a little smile on his face he turned back to face the helm officer "Helm take us out"

Outside the ship slowly edged clear of the dockyard the lights of the shipyard reflecting off the hull as she passed. less then 30 seconds later the ship cleared the structure.

"Helm bring us to full impulse" Jake ordered and smiled as the ship increased speed, He stood and moved forwards slightly "Commander Verrill you have the bridge once we have cleared the outer marker set course for the rendezvous point with the Bismark and take us to warp"

Jake nodded and started towards the turbolift "Doctor Hetara I believe I'm due a check up"

OOC: So we launched, Medical Continue with routine medicals, Engineering complete routine systems checks and pre-checks for the spore drive. Science check on the hydroponics labs on the spores, Everyone else contact me if you want help

Captain Jake Wilkinson
Commanding Officer
Uss Endurance

Commander Crystal Verrill
Executive Officer
Uss Endurance

Lt. Cmdr. Richelle Soranson
Chief Engineering Officer
USS Endurance

Lieutenant Hetara
Chief Medical Officer
Uss Endurance


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