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Contained within these pages you will find key infomation on the ship, her missions and adventures as she trieds to return to federation space.

History of Starfleet Ships called Endurance.

Uss Endurance, Sovereign Class

In late 2405, the Endurance was ordered to the Sygma Hydra system to retrieve Orion defector Naisa D'falas, whose shuttle had crashed in the system. Due to gravitational distortions and plasma storms in the area, the Endurance was able to enter the system only partially and with great difficulty. A shuttle was deployed from the Endurance to retrieve the defector, and a second shuttle was deployed some hours later when the first became trapped in a gravitational distortion.

While the rescue shuttle returned, the Endurance came under attack by three Orion corvettes. While she was able to fight off the vessels, the ship was severely damaged in the process when one of the corvettes rammed its port nacelle and saucer section, destroying the ship's portside impulse engine and disabling its shields and weapons. Immediately thereafter, the Endurance was confronted by the Negh'Var class IKS Azetbur, whose captain showed interest only in killing the Orion defector. When the Azetbur surmised that the defector was aboard the Federation shuttle deeper in the system, she cloaked and entered the system to intercept and destroy the shuttle. The Endurance pursued the Azetbur, following its ion trail and eventually trapping it in a gravitational distortion and disabling its engines with a volley of quantum torpedoes.

The Endurance then pursued the shuttle, believing its crew were suffering from impaired judgement, but was thwarted in its efforts when the shuttle hid in the atmosphere of a class Y planet and later disabled the Endurance's tractor emitters with phaser fire before deliberately crashing on the planet. Fortunately the crew was retrieved unharmed. ("Airborne")

In 2407, Endurance was part of Operation Spearhead, which attacked the KDF fleet yards at Ganalda IV, expecting to meet little resistance. Ganalda IV was a trap, however, and the Endurance was destroyed along with nearly 40 other Starfleet starships. Previous to its destruction, it was to be ordered to join the USS Nautilus at the Dragon's Head Nebula in order to participate in rescue operations there.