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Lieutenant Hetara

Name Hetara

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Orion
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 171 cm (5' 7")
Weight 56 kg (123 lb)
Hair Color black
Eye Color dark brown
Physical Description Physically attractive, but more sensual than feminine. Hetara has long thick hair, usually worn in a fall about her shoulders. Moves with the strength and grace of a dancer.

Note: Starfleet requires that she take pheromone suppressants, but they are not 100% effective. There's no real compulsion, but most men who spead any appreciable amount of time with her will fnd it (to quote the ST2009 novelization) 'chemically unavoidable' to notice that she's attractive.


Mother Mavda
Sister(s) Oliba
Other Family Uncle: Jamar

Note: Hetara belongs to the Mozinphar caj, but family/clan/caj names are traditionally not shared outside trusted friends, so she is officially listed in Starfleet files only as Hetara.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Hetara learned from an early age to be a consumate actress and can play whatever role works to her advantage. However, though she was taught to wear a carefully calculated mask, in the right circumstances she can be genuinely warm and disarmingly spontaneous. She has a certain self-confidence and a tendency to be flirtateous (at least by human standards). She usually comes across as friendly, but she has a sharp wit and doesn't hesitate to employ it when she thinks someone could stand a little verbal smack upside the head.

It should be noted that while she prefers men, like any normal Orion her response on quiz regarding sexual preference would be "All of the Above". To her, depending upon the circumstances, physical intimacy is either a means to an end or simply a form of recreation, so she finds the way other races attach so much emotional significance to it a bit puzzling. (Among Orions loyalty and real emotional attachment are reserved for family and those friends who become as close and trusted as family). She is more reticent about falling into bed with someone than most however because she knows how non-Orions tend to view her people and prefers not to conform to stereotype.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Dedicated, intelligent, and resourceful with a strong commitment to her craft as a physician. She takes seriously the Orion physician's oath: To faithfully guard the health and life of her patients

+ Solid hand-to-hand skills and the ability to draw and accurately throw a knife even while dancing

+ Good at misdirection, a talent learned at her mother's knee, but also natural to an Orion. (Few outsiders can say they understand Orions or know the truth about them, and sources of information on them tend to disagree. This is due in part to the fact that Orion society is both diverse and adaptable, having during their long history frequently dealt with invaders by subtly absorbing and assimilating those who tried to conquer them. Hetara learned from an early age that knowledge is power, and confusion and misconception a weapon).

- An Orion's natural suspicion of outsiders, plus a bit of paranoia from having to deal with some of the prejudice she's encountered because of the green skin.

- Privately discontent with feeling isolated, yet slow to trust and accept friendship. She hides it well, but the fact that she has no close friends or family anywhere within many lightyears is a source of great anxiety.

- A Doctor first, a Starfleet officer second; if it comes down to doing what's best for a patient or obeying an order, she will choose the patient every time.
Hobbies & Interests puzzles, dancing, music, medical history

Personal History Hetara was born on Ayirn, an Orion colony on the edge of Federation space but in close proximity to the Klingon Empire. This position led to a mutually beneficial arrangement in the mid-23rd century whereby the world became a member of the Federation but remained under the governance of the Orion caj that had founded the colony. As a result, she is a citizen of the Federation by birth and the Orion Union by race.

She and her sister were raised primarily by her mother, Mavda, who runs a lounge on a local starbase. Hetara doesn't know who her biological father is, but since Orions are naturally polyamorous, it's not of much concern to her; paternity is usually an open question. Though her mother was generally considered the proprietress the Green Light Lounge, it was officially owned by a Ferengi merchant named Furnog - because technically he owned Mavda. But only technically. For the most part, he was putty in her hands, allowing her to run things as she saw fit well as buy herself nice jewelry and dresses and a nice place to live nearby, and make a few other investments... but she did do a good enough job of running the business that there were always profits to turn over to him too. In many ways, Hetara's mother was a classic Orion success story: poor girl sold to a nightclub to pay off a family debt to the Syndicate entrances a male with a fat bank account and convinces him to buy her contract and set her up in a comfortable life.

Naturally she wanted the same for her daughters, and so taught them how to dance and entertain (as well as how to turn a dance kick into a serious blow and wield dancer's knives to protect themselves). Her sister used that training well to help influence business deals, as well as collect some nice gifts from admirers admirers among Starfleet personnel that visited the starbase. Bright and curious, Hetara wanted more. Recognizing her potential, one of her uncles indulged her. She was allowed to join his crew to assist the ship's aging doctor while onboard - provided she danced when they entertained/negotiated with customers. Her dancing probably swung some deals in his favor, but she really took to learning medicine.

Despite her aptitude, Orion attitudes toward gender roles made it was almost impossible for a woman to gain admittance to an Orion medical college. Fortunately, as a Federation citizen, her options weren't limited to the Orion Union. She was admitted to Starfleet Academy and, given her experience serving as med tech on a merchant ship, qualified for an accelerated track in the medical college. Upon graduation she was assigned to the USS Artimisia, patrolling the Klingon border. There her knowledge of Klingons (merchants like her uncle did quite well running trade - or occasionally smuggling items - between powers who were not always on good terms for trading directly) and her ability to pass as 'just an Orion' when necessary were an asset. However, having green skin could cut both ways and she also encountered prejudice and suspicion from other 'fleet personnel.

Near the end of 2416 the Artimisia was ambushed by two unknown vessels and sustained heavy damage. Hetara earned a commendation for taking charge of operations in medbay when the CMO was incapacitated, despite being injured herself, and keeping patients alive after systems in medbay failed. Though the other ships were destroyed, after being towed back to dry dock it was plain that the Artimisia would require extensive refit and repair, so all personnel were reassigned. Hetara received an appointment as CMO on a new ship, the USS Ranger.