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Captain Jake Wilkinson

Name Jake Wilkinson

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 38

Physical Appearance

Height 6ft 4
Weight 14 Stone
Hair Color Light Brown
Physical Description Strong and attractive.


Spouse Clare Wilkinson, Lieutenant, Deceased.
Father Joe Wilkinson
Mother Valarie Wilkinson

Personality & Traits

General Overview Hard working and honest, A good officer with a proven track record.

Jake is not what you would class as a risk taker, He has always played it safe earning his way up the ranks through sheer determination rather than heroic deeds like some of his peers.

That doesn't make him a bad leader in someways it makes him a better one, He like to assess the situation and formulate a plan of action rather then leap ahead.

That being said he is not afraid to stand his ground in a fight. Its often been said he is a great tactician which is why fleet command kept him on Escorts and Patrol duties for most of his time spent as a Commanding Officer.
Ambitions To advance to Fleet Command Level
Hobbies & Interests Gardening
Holo Programming

Personal History Jake joined Starfleet when he was 18, during his time at the academy he excelled in tactical training and security which put led him to Command School where he met and became life long friends with Enfield Carta or EnCarta has he had nicknamed him.

It was at the academy he met Clare Reynolds who was also in the Command School, a relationship quickly developed and shortly before graduating they were married.

Married life was hard at first with them being assigned to different ship through out most of their careers, They made do with spending every leave day they could together.

This all changed when Enfield received Command of the Lincoln and after pulling a few strings got them both assigned to the Lincoln.

For 4 happy years they served together the 3 life long friends running patrol dutys until one day the ship was caught in a border dispute between the Romulans and Klingons.

During a brief fire fight Clare was sadly killed when an eps relay overloaded killing her and 4 other crew men.

Her death would continue to haunt him for years to come.

Jake took a LOA before accepting his first Command and ageing Defiant Class escort ship. He would remain on the Victory for 6 years before being assigned to the Uss Endurance.
Service Record 2398 to 2402 - Cadet
Starfleet Academy

2402 to 2405 - Ensign
Uss Grant - Assistant Security
Temporary Assignment - Special Operations

Field Promotion to Full Lieutenant for actions in the field of combat
2405 - 2408 - Lieutenant
Chief Security/Second Officer - Uss Grant

2408 to 2412 - Lieutenant Commander
Executive Officer - Uss Lincoln

2412 to 2416 - Commander
Commanding Officer - Uss Victory

2416 to Present Captain
Commanding Officer - Uss Victory
Commanding Officer - Uss Endurance