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Posted on Mon Mar 4th, 2019 @ 12:15am by Captain Jake Wilkinson

=/\= Greetings =/\=

Welcome crew of the Endurance. Back after the new year and the issues i had at the time we are off to a good start. I want to thank everyone for their patience in getting things off the ground.

=/\= Summary =/\=

During the first test of the spore drive we were thrown deep into unknown territory approximately 35 years from federation space at maximum warp

Wwe don't yet know how far out we are. The ship was damaged in the uncontrolled jump with main power offline and running on aux power when we were attacked moments after the jump.

We managed to get off a lucky shot which disabled the attacking vessel but in doing so we blew out aux power and switched to batterys.

Aux power has now been restored and an away team are beaming to the attacking vessel using shuttle craft transporters to carry out a hit and run raid on the disabled ship to prevent them from getting up and running before we can restore main power

=/\= 30 Day Post report =/\=

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