Please find below the rules of this game.

Players must be age 18 or above.

While this is an adult sim please keep your logs tasteful and avoid explicit content.

Treat other players with the same level of respect you wish to be treated with.

If you are unsure if a subject of a log is acceptable please contact a member of the command team who will review your log.

Above all have fun :)

Logging Guidelines

    Command team - 1 Log per week

    Department Heads - 1 Log per week

    Assistant positions - 1 Log per 2 weeks

    Beta Shift - 1 Log per month

If you are unable to meet the requirements please contact the command team. We are always open to suggestions and welcome any feed back.

Please note if Command teams members do not meet the requirement without declaring a LOA they can be removed from command and a replacement appointed at the discretion of the 5th Fleet Command Council.

Department heads can be demoted to assistant role if logging requirements are not met 3 times in a row.

In the case of assistant positions as above if requirements are not met you could be moved to beta shift.


Players are limited to 1 main character and 2 beta shift characters. Beta shift characters can not hold a Department head position.

Department Head positions are reserved for Main Characters Only.

NPC's There is no limit to the number of NPC's you create.
NPC's will appear on a seperate roster (WIP)